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Updated on April 16, 2015

Stress is Unavoidable, Dealing With Stress Can Be Simple.

Today, I am focusing on the stresses that come with raising a family and the frustrating days can be unbearable if you do not find a way to deal with it in a safe, healthy manner. I will be talking about some of the situations that have added stress to my days and how I have learned to deal with it with the help of friends, professionals, and even my own doctors. Do not hesitate to send me an email or comment to this lens with suggestions of your own.

Picture was taken by myself the day I tore my linoleum moving in my new washer and dryer!

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Education for the Win

Studying can cause stress as well but remember that your education paves way to a better life for you and your family.
Studying can cause stress as well but remember that your education paves way to a better life for you and your family. | Source

Stressful Situations.

Life Happens, Deal With it Productively.

Above you can see a picture of my torn linoleum the day I moved in my new washer and dryer. Why was this a stressful event? It was so very stressing because I had to tell my landlord that I needed a quote for replacing the linoleum in the utility room. Although, my landlord was nice about it and provided me with the quote I had to work overtime for two months just to come up with the money to replace it. I was so upset that I couldn't eat, barely slept, and became agitated easily. So how did I get through this difficult time without hitting my breaking point? I took 20 minutes to myself for a hot shower or bubble bath after my kids went to bed. I know this can be hard to do for parents who work nights and are home with young children during the day. For those parents I recommend asking whoever is taking care of your kids while you are away to show up at least an hour early so you have time to bathe or shower without rushing being a cause of not having time to say your byes to your family.

Moving can be a very trying time for families because keeping the children safe is very important to parents. Keeping the kids safe while planning, organizing, packing, and executing the move in a safe manner is not in the least bit easy. One way I deal with difficult moves is to ask a close family member to watch the kids while packing or moving the items from the old place to the new one. Of course, there are times when you are unable to get a babysitter and even I have had this happen to me. Another way to successfully move safely with your children is to give them little chores like picking their favorite toys or clothes for the first week in the new home. Precook your meals for the time of the move and have them ready to eat, try to plan ample time for the move so that everyone has time to do things without being rushed, and don't forget to take some time to make a few last good memories at the place you are moving from.

These are only a couple examples of situations that can cause stress but it is not possible to list them all. However, I will be listing quite a few ways to relieve stress and even prevent some along the way so you continue to read!

Birthday Mayhem


Birthday Mayhem

Birthday parties causing you to go into a panic? Did someone forget to send the invitations or buy the balloons? Did you remember to prepare early enough so that the party is ready on time? These are only a few of the stress building questions that arrive with a person's birthday. Just remember you are celebrating a life not mourning a loss so please have fun with the preparations. Leave extra time in the party invite for mishaps that throw it off schedule. Prepare the day before as much as possible so that you are ready when the time comes to set up. Be sure to buy the gifts ahead of time so you aren't stressing about the shelves being out of stock on the birthday. There are so many ways to cut down on stress that many people forget about. For example, instead of a gourmet meal how about a carefree cookout? Instead of sending invites out the week of how about a save a date a few weeks in advance? Instead of opening presents right as they arrive wait until after the meal when everyone is more relaxed. Reduce cleanup by using paper plates and plastic silverware if this is a large get together and have trash cans ready to use.

Tips For Stress Relief and Relaxation.

Useful Advice for Keeping Your Cool When You Are Overburdened!

First, go crazy! Yes, I said go crazy. Find a close friend or relative who is willing to lend an ear so you can vent to your heart’s content. After you finish venting, get a great big hug, tell them thank you, and do something creative for a few minutes.

Second, get your heart rate up because if you can do that I guarantee you will feel less stressed about the issue at hand and this will allow you to think of better solutions in the end. For example, go for a walk, jog, play a game with the kids, get outside and get active!

Third, if nobody is dying it isn’t serious enough to cause yourself to go into the hospital, so don’t make any decisions immediately always allow a few hours or even days to make a big decision. Try creating a list of pros and cons, talk things over with your partner/family, get some more information on the situation, or write down your thoughts.

Fourth, cry! Get in your pajamas, get some comfort food, watch a sad movie or listen to some sad music while reading a book. Always remember that crying helps to relieve all kinds of emotional outbreaks and can sometimes bring out your true feelings on a subject, too!

Fifth and finally, it could be worse so sit down with a pen and paper to write a list of ways things could be worse. The biggest thing I have learned in life is that if you think of the worst thing that could happen you will realize that nine times out of ten it is not a big deal at all. So enjoy life and don’t let the little things get you down!

Adjust Your Routine

Simply adjusting your routine to allow for 30 min or an hour of something that calms your nerves can be a lifesaver, literally. For example, starting yoga is a great way to relieve stress because you are focusing your attention on your exercises rather than your problems. You may be surprised at how much your emotional state changes when doing this.

Music or Lose It!

That's right I said music or lose it for a reason folks. Not only can you create your own relaxing playlist but you can research plenty of music specifically composed for the purpose of setting a relaxing tone. Music is known for its power over emotions and studies have proven that music can promote good health , as well as, healing.

I'm interested in your ideas on how to relieve stress. - Also, Please comment with any suggestions to improve my lens.

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