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Foods to Avoid When Breastfeeding-Giving Your Baby the Best Meal Possible

Updated on April 16, 2012

Many woman find that they can eat almost anything when they are breastfeeding but often times they will find that once they have indulged in something they enjoy, that their little one may become cranky, pull up his legs in discomfort or not want to eat from the breast. While babies can often enjoy the change in milk taste from your various choices of food consumption, there are still foods to avoid when breastfeeding if you want your little one to get the most of his meals from you.

The following are some foods to avoid when breastfeeding:

Chocolate has been known to make babies fussy due to a build up of gas. Since they do not have such an easy time as we do dispersing the gas, this can cause intense cramping and discomfort. You may find that on some days it does not bother your baby. You may want to experiment and try eating just a few bites so that you can get your fix and then if it doesn't bother your baby, you can try a little more.


For those who are big Mexican food lovers or come from other parts of the world where spice is just a natural part of cooking, you may find that this has no affect on your baby, especially if you have been eating spicy throughout your whole pregnancy. But for those who have not been or like to indulge on occasion, if you find that your baby is irritable or gassy after breastfeeding, you may want to re-consider cutting down on the spice. That also goes for food such as chili, and dishes made with garlic.

Gassy Vegetables

These have been a killer for me in the past. I love broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus and each of these have a high capacity to create gas in a grown person let alone a little guy whos digestive system is still learning how to function.

This can be oranges, and even orange juice at times. Limes have a tendency to cause gas or even acid indigestion as well. These did not really affect me so much but I was not able to consume a large quantity of these fruits in juice form due to being a diabetic.

Fruits Used for Digestive Aid

Fruits such as prunes and cherries are known to digest fast and help you to keep your bodily functions from being clogged and not working efficiently. For a newborn who is breastfeeding and has not had time to properly develop his system, this could be something that just ends up making him uncomfortable or even cause some cramping. If you have problems going to the washroom yourself, and find that these foods upset your baby, you may want to ask the doctor for other recommendations.


This has always been a hard one for me. I love to have multiple teas and coffees throughout my day and did so even when I was pregnant. Some doctors still suggest that this is one of the foods to avoid when breastfeeding due to the fact that it can make your child not be able to sleep when he should be and may cause him to be cranky or hyper active. Soda pop and even some over the counter medications have caffeine in them and should be taken sparingly if you find your child is being affected.


We all know that if we are breastfeeding, we should not be getting drunk or drinking on a regular basis. But if it is a holiday season such as Christmas or New Years or even your Anniversary and you would like to have a drink, than this is allowed. You do not need to pump any milk for your little one if you are only going to have one drink as it more than likely will not affect him. If you do plan to have a few, than you should try to space them at least a couple hours apart and keep it to only a few.

You should always discuss your diet with your doctor if you have any health concerns. If you are anemic or require certain foods for vitamins and nutrients, your doctor will have a better idea of the type of foods that will give you what you need while still being ok for your little one. The foods to avoid when breastfeeding vary from woman to woman and should not be seen as a strict regime that must be followed. As every woman is different, so is every baby, keeping a watch on how your baby seems to be when you eat certain foods, you will soon be able to guage which foods he can handle or not.


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    • Donna Janelle profile image

      Donna Janelle 7 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great tips! I'm not breast feeding or even pregnant yet, but I want to be soon so I Love reading hubs like this! Thanks for sharing this helpful information!