How do you raise children on a low income without living off of the government?

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    Liz Woodwardposted 6 years ago

    How do you raise children on a low income without living off of the government?

    Raising kids on a budget: how do you feed, entertain, and teach your kids without breaking the bank.

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    Sturgeonlposted 6 years ago

    Coupons! This is one way to help save extra dollars every month. Many brand name sights will mail you coupons if you notify them. Take the time to look through the flyers that come to the house. Buy extra  items when they are on sale if you know you are going to use them. Shop the clearance sections at department stores. Watch for when they have an extra forty or sometimes fifty percent off their already reduced price. Kids clothes can be purchased very inexpensively when these sales are being offered. Buy second hand whenever possible. Some thrift stores have  really great items...usually hit and miss...but there are gems to be found. Inquire at your local community center if there are any programs that can help out families with sports activity fees for children. Also, look for ways to entertain the family, that does not cost a lot of money. Family board games, biking, and taking a ball to the park are all ways to have fun, and are easy on the pocket book. Depending on the age of the children it might be possible for them to earn some money with a paper route or by dog walking. Besides allowing them to make their own pocket money, it is a productive activity that helps to teach responsibility. At Christmas time you can save a lot of money by getting some inexpensive decorative tins and filling them with homemade baked goods. These are wonderful gifts that are better than store bought ones any day! It is not easy to raise a family today, and financial challenges can make it even tougher, but hopefully some of the suggestions offered here will help families to save some extra dollars every month.