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Free Things For Kids

Updated on April 19, 2011

Welcome To Free Things For Kids!

Being a frugal Mother of 6 children, I have over the years learned to cut corners and scour for freebies every where I can! Recently I was introduced an awesome program called That Free Thing, and boy am I ever glad that I was!

I will explain to you the ins and outs of this program below as well as share some other really cool places you can get free things for kids.

Grab something to drink and put your feet up cause I am sure you will enjoy every minuet you are here.

**The words that are this color of blue are clickable links, meaning you can click them and they will instantly take you to that page without having to leave this one!!

That Free Thing

How it all started...

Over the past 6 years Seth Fraser has been the go-to "Freebie King" for finding and negotiating free products and services. He wrote the book on how to get free stuff. Literally!

As the author of "The Legal Thief", written in 2006, he was able to reveal little-known secrets about how to get free cars, motorcycles, jacuzzi tubs, concert tickets, food, drinks, flights, hotels, entertainment... Free EVERYTHING!

Seth was featured on radio stations across the country and revealed many of his industry secrets on how to acquire these great free products and services to listeners around the world. His ideas helped transform free products from an afterthought to a very real product - and it all started with writing a book on getting free stuff.

The secret that Seth discovered was almost unbelievable:

Large corporations WANTED to give away free products of high value, but they couldn't get the word out about them.

Most companies created a budget to give away great products, and then they ran out of money, so there was no budget to promote those products to people. Seth found the gaps in service and many of the ideas surrounding his book were brought to life.

But the hard part wasn't writing the book. The hard part was helping others apply what they learned from the book.Our idea was that it would be a lot easier for people to get these great free products and services if we simply did the work for you and pointed you directly to them.

After years of working on a way to bring this idea to life and gather the best free products and services from around the world in one location, That Free Thing was born! .

The revolution continues. Pass on this exciting product to your friends and family and help them get great free products themselves. Working together we can create a great story for you!

**BONUS!!! Once you are a member you will receive the book "The Legal Thief" (that's right) FOR FREE! (value of $9.99)

My Freebie Proof Videos... - on YouTube

Click on the videos below this one to see the other videos I have. This is only the beginning people! I will upload more freebie videos as they come in! Enjoy...but most importantly sign up for your freebie right here.

Freebies For Kids Online

Free Online Games For The Whole Family

Freeware games that the entire family will enjoy!

Etch A Sketch Online

Get a free membership! Have fun doodling for FREE with the Online Version of Etch-a-Sketch! My little ones can spend hours here!

Paper Dolls

Spark the imagination for any girl with these paper-dolls. There is a whole page of them for you to chose from! I suggest that you print them on heavy card-stock paper, so they will not be so flimsy.

Paper Airplanes

The paper airplanes on this site have now generated over 4,000,000 video views. These videos show how to make a paper airplane that flies really well. You can't beat that!

Printables on Nick Jr

So many things to do here! These are a few items you will find on Nick Jr: Calendars, Charts and Checklists Placemats, Garden Tags, Coloring Pages, Song Lyrics and lots, lots more.

Educational Freeware

This place finds and reviews high-quality free educational software and websites - mostly for kids, but some are for grown-ups. They have a large selection of web-based software (check the Online tab), as well as Windows educational software to download. More than 20 pages...I am sure you will something that you want!

Kids Freeware

This site has a complete collection of free software and Internet services for kids. From Keyboard Bangers to Java Applets, From ABC to CPA, with daily updates. Click the "New Stuff" button to see what they've added this month; Click the "Find it" button to search for things on the Kids Freeware site.

Free Things For Kids

Kids will LOVE being able to discover hundreds of free things for them to send away for, both online and offline. From stickers to toys, tattoos to books, to special birthday freebies - they'll keep them busy for months!

Best Free Stuff Online

Free Stuff for the whole family! Freebies for Moms, Dads, Babies, Kids, Pets. Free samples, free services and free promotional stuff.

Papa Jan

Children can learn while having fun! Activity Pad offers printable preschool activities, word search puzzles, mazes and more to help children learn and have fun! Also available: ABC Color with Me - Free Software Download and other FREE software.

Scholastic--Free Books for Kids for Completed Activity Sheets

Remember when you were in school and you would read for free books? Guess what?? You still can! Well, your kids can anyway...Hee hee!! Download and print the activity sheets, have your child complete the activities for his or her age group, download the reward redemption form, print and complete all fields then send it in the mail. Pretty easy, huh?

Billy Bear 4 Kids

MAKE A CLAY BEAR ...and Play Dough too! This site gives you all the information you need, including 2 different kids of play dough - one that will last a very long time and another that will harden so you can paint it when it is ready. How cool is that?

Kids Craft Magazine

Crafts, activities, and other fun things to do with kids! Including printables, recipes, tie-dies, science experiments, and more.

Other Great Freebies For Kids

Free Fizzy Wizzies

Fizzy Wizzies are colorful, effervescent tablets that fizz up bathwater and make kids' bath time fun and educational.

Free Child ID Kit

Fingerprint Card & DNA Sample you can take in the privacy of your own home. Click the link above to order now.

Receive offers on free samples, money-saving coupons, and chances to win our their latest sweepstakes and contests. The free offers, discounts and prizes are being added daily so visit often for the latest ways to save and WIN!

FREE Birthday gifts for kids age 1 - 10 years old

Sign up all of your kids, grandkids, neighbors...They will receive a special gift delivered in the mail with THEIR NAME on it. I know my kids love getting mail that has their name alone, makes them feel special!

Nintendo Freebies

They have tons of fun things on here, sign up for the Nintendo Club and check it out.

Disney Character Greeting Cards

Get coloring! Get creative! Check out fun Disney Junior coloring pages and other online creative activities for kids!

Kids Birthday Cards

You can chose from 2 wonderful programs to download cards & create your own custom printable kids cards. One of them actually lets you personalize cards with your own messages and styles, and schedule cards to be sent up to a year in advance. Sweeeet!

Fathers Day Certificate

Free printable certificate that can be colored and framed. You can also add a picture or your hand print to make it really unique!

Custom Treat Bag

The steps they have will allow you to create a treat gag with the picture and title you choose. Print a custom treat bag to match the custom birthday invitations and use them for quest loot bags after your child's birthday party. The treat bag can be the same on front and back or you can choose to have a different look on each side.

Printable Stationary

These cool printable stationary are perfect for young writers. They have tons of different ones to chose from, have fun!

FREE Juicy Juice Sippy Cup

Your child will love drinking Juicy Juice® from this special cup! Join and they'll send it to you FREE!

Elmer Kids

Parents can find ideas for crafts here. Find craft project ideas to spend time with your kids and helpful clean up tips, time saving advice, and more.

All Free Crafts

Free crafts, craft projects and patterns to make easy homemade gifts, which everyone enjoys.

Free Bobble Headies

This is a limited time offer! So HURRY on over there!

Free Dairy Queen Blizzard

All you have to do is join the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club. Nice and Easy...Blizzard Freebie!

Free Orange Julius

Not only will you get a free Orange Julius, but you will also get other freebies as well throughout the year. Even a special Birthday Freebie!


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