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Ten More Free Toddler iPad Apps

Updated on April 23, 2016

Reviews of Ten More Free Toddler iPad Apps

Following on from the success of my "Ten Best Free Toddler iPad Apps" review I decided it was time to review some more apps, and bring you ten more free toddler iPad apps.

After more than a year of playing with "my" iPad Chiquitito was very proficient at navigating the iPad and these apps are the ones that he loved to play with from the age of 2 until 3.

As he has developed I have downloaded new games for him to play and I would like to share ten of the best free apps, the ones that he uses every day.

Every one of these free apps is currently on my iPad and played with by my two year old toddler on a regular basis, and most of these iOs apps are also available for the iPhone and iPod touch

Whether you are looking to buy an iPad or are just researching what apps are available, I hope that you and your children enjoy these free iPad apps as much as my toddler and myself do.

Griffin Survivor Extreme-duty Military Case

Griffin GB02480 Survivor Extreme-duty Military case for the new iPad (4th Generation), iPad 3 and iPad 2, Black
Griffin GB02480 Survivor Extreme-duty Military case for the new iPad (4th Generation), iPad 3 and iPad 2, Black

The Griffin Extreme-duty case case is the one that I have on my own iPad, and I would thoroughly recommend it. It is also available for European shoppers from

This case is built to US military standards and protects from knocks, drops and splashes, and after almost 12 months of daily use my iPad is still pristine.

I would recommend leaving this on your iPad all the times, as it is quite fiddly to fit.


10 More Free Toddler iPad Apps

Click on the picture to go to the App
Click on the picture to go to the App | Source

Toddler's Seek & Find: My Little Town


On this app there are three scenes: My Little Town in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Only "in the morning" is free and you have to pay to upgrade to the other two scenes.

In the morning consists of a street scene with an open fronted house, roads and other buildings.

As you touch objects on the screen it becomes animated: the children clean their teeth at the bathroom sink, Dad irons his tie, people get on the bus, the butcher carves meat, the cloud rains, a helicopter flies off, the sin rises......

There is so much to see and my toddler loves watching what happens when he touches the screen.


We only have the free version of this, plus two other free Seek and Finds: My Animals and At the Circus.

Children and adults alike will love these superbly illustrated scenes.

Click on the picture to go to the App
Click on the picture to go to the App | Source

Preschool Toy Phone Activity Center


We have several free toy phone apps but this is Chiquitito's favorite.

In the free version you get a choice of 5 keypads: numbers. food, animals, vehicles and musical instruments. There are further screens available if you upgrade.

Each of the keypad choices has 12 keys with pictures on and when you press the key the picture rotates and makes a noise.

When you touch the handset that also rotates, as do the eraser and pencil. These three objects can also be dragged round the screen.


Well worth a free download. We have several toy phones that my toddler alternates between, each having a variation of similar activities.

Click on the picture to go to the App
Click on the picture to go to the App | Source

Thomas & Friends: Engine Activities


Thomas and Friends has a choice of activities: coloring, jigsaw puzzles, and match the card puzzle. Both of the puzzle activities come with a choice of easy or hard.

On the jigsaw puzzle the easy option has 4 piece jigsaws and the hard 12 pieces. When you have completed the jigsaw you get to watch a Thomas video clip.

The matching cards puzzle has 16 cards on the easy option and 28 on the hard one.

The coloring option gives you chance to save your completed picture to your photo album.


My toddler loves this, and the reward of watching a Thomas video clip. There are only two videos on the free version, and i might consider upgrading to obtain more videos.

Click on the picture to go to the App
Click on the picture to go to the App | Source

Farm Sounds Free


In the version of this app there are only four animals: duck, horse, pig and cow.

The most exciting thing is that you can choose a photo of a face to superimpose onto one of the animals faces and then record yourself talking or making an animal noise.

My toddler loves the pig with mummy's face talking to him!


You do not get much free content, but it is worth downloading for the sheer entertainment value of the personalised animal faces!

Click on the picture to go to the App
Click on the picture to go to the App | Source

Toddler Jukebox


Chiquitito loves music and has lots of music apps on the iPad, but this is only the second one I have paid for an upgrade on.

The free version gives you six songs, each one selected from one of the packs available to upgrade to.

The free songs are "the Wheels on the Bus", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Ring a Round of Roses", "Rudolph", "La Cucaracha" and Beethoven's "Ode to Joy"

The tunes will also play in the background whilst you are playing other apps.

If you upgrade, each package comes with 12 songs (one of which you already have).

We bought the Spanish song package as we are bringing Chiquitito up to be bilingual.


This is a lovely jukebox and my toddler loves to play it.

Be warned however - even with your iPad on mute this app will still play!

Click on the photo to go to the App
Click on the photo to go to the App | Source

Animal Puzzle for Kids


This is a newly downloaded app that my toddler adores.

On the free version there a 7 animal jigsaw puzzles, each with 3 levels of difficulty: 4 pieces, 6 pieces or 9 pieces.

You have to be quite precise as you place the pieces onto the board for them to go into the correct place, which my then 20 month old needed a bit of help with, but within a month he was able to manage them by himself.

He loves the fact that the boarder around the puzzle is interactive, with the leaves moving if you touch them.


A bright and colorful, user friendly app that will keep your little one entertained for a long time.

Click on the photo to go to the App
Click on the photo to go to the App | Source

Toddler Puzzle Shapes


This is the current favorite app of my 2 year old toddler.

5 shapes appear on the screen and the correct one has to be dragged into the flashing empty space.

There are intricate shapes such as spirals, rhombus, semi circle, crescent etc, not just basic squares or circles.

Once you have completed three puzzles you get a 4 piece jigsaw to complete. At first my toddler would use the back arrow to skip this part, but now he loves to complete the puzzles too.

After another set of shape finding and another jigsaw you get to choose a sticker.


This app is quite advanced, but my toddler mastered it in a matter of days. Well worth a free download.

Click on the photo to go to the App
Click on the photo to go to the App | Source

Best Kids Songs·Stories


This is another newly downloaded app that has become a firm favorite.

There is a choice of songs, books, fun and games and a music store and book store to purchase further content from.

Currently we have 4 free songs, 3 free books, and 6 free games.

The books are animated and my little one loves to listen to them.


Definitely worth a free download, and there is enough free content to make it worthwhile.

Be warned that the iPad mute button does not work with this app.

Click on the photo to go to the App
Click on the photo to go to the App | Source

Scout & Me


If your little one has a LeapFrog Scout or Violet they will adore this app.

You can personalize the screen with your child's name and there is also a guest option. With either option you can choose either Scout or Violet.

Food appears on the screen for you to feed to a very appreciative dog, you can tickle his tummy or press the butterfly to release a cloud of colorful butterflies for you to catch.


I downloaded this shortly after we had our own Scout and it was an instant hit

It is actually an iPod/iPhone app, but works perfectly well on the iPad and the graphics are clear even when 2x enlarged.

Click on the photo to go to the App
Click on the photo to go to the App | Source

Little People® Learning Market


If your toddler already has Little People then they will love this app.

There is the option of visiting the market or baking.

On the baking option you are asked to choose what you want to make - cookies, cupcakes or a pie.

You are then given a shopping list and have to collect the ingredients and place them in the shopping trolley, and then you get to "make" and "bake" the item.


My toddler loves this, even though it is too hard for him. He hasn't worked out how to complete the shopping task, but still loves it - especially when we help him.

This is another iPod/iPhone app that works perfectly well on an iPad at 2x magnification.

The Original "Ten Best Free Toddler iPad Apps"

If you loved the selection of free toddler iPad apps that I have reviewed here then please check out my original "Ten Best Free Toddler iPad Apps" review.

Here you will find 10 apps that are perfect for babies and toddlers from the age of 9 months old.

All of the iPad apps are ones that my toddler used every day from the age of 9 months old.

Have I inspired you to download free toddler iPad apps for your child?

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    • strategylab profile image

      Jeph Maystruck 3 years ago from Regina, SK

      I've used the Otterbox case before. You can't hurt your iPad while it's in that.

    • profile image

      misszee 4 years ago

      Haven't tried "My Little Town" But sounds fun!

    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 5 years ago

      These make learning fun. I love it!