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Fun activities for dads and kids

Updated on May 19, 2014

Fun together

Fathers seldom get chance to spend meaningful time with their kids, as most of their time is consumed with work related issues. Even when they have time, most of them do not know how to engage their children especially if they are kids. Activities that interest and keep them excited vary according to the age. Most well-intended dads are at a loss when it comes to playing with their kids. I have tried to come up with some fun activities that can be enjoyed by parents and kids equally. They do not require much time nor are they expensive. They are all intended for pure fun. But it is always necessary to exercise caution when experimenting with new activities.

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Vegetables are fun

You heard that right. Normally kids are not attracted by vegetables. This is one of the common concern of mothers. But what if the vegetables are used for something other than eating. Vegetables or fruits are available in a variety of colors. In this simple exercise dads have to think a little out of the ordinary to create funny figures from common vegetables. You only have to arrange and rearrange the cut pieces. Once kids know the fun factor they will be eager to pitch in and try out new things. You can try creating anything from birds, dolls to planes if you have the right shape and color.

Get creative with simple things!

Painting with cut vegetables

For the previous exercise you must have already cut some vegetables. You have another opportunity to entertain your kid. You can use the cut portion of the vegetable to paint something simple and awesome. Potatoes are ideal for this type of painting as they are neither too hard nor too soft and their surface can easily be carved to create special shapes. Try out your art with a variety of vegetables to get an idea of the shape you will get. Just dip the cut piece in paint and press it to a chart paper.

Image : Wikipedia

Ink Art

Drip some ink on a piece of paper (somewhere near the center).

Fold the paper into exact half and rub the ink gently in any random direction.

Open the paper. You will find a symmetrical modern art.

Alternately instead of ink you can use multiple paint drops and create different colored patterns.

Have you ever tried painting with your kids?

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Thumb Painting

You just have to dip your thumb in paint and make an impression on a light colored chart paper. It will be an oval shaped imprint. Draw fins and tail fins in sketch along with a black dot for eyes. And you have created a colored fish. Ask your kid to imitate you. While you create the bigger fishes let your kids create the smaller ones with their little thumbs. You can give a blue background to the fishes to show that they are swimming. Frame it and your thumb art is ready.

You can even create flowers, butterflies or any other drawings depending on your creativity.

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