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How I Try to Be A Fun Mom - 50 Ways I Enjoy My Kids

Updated on January 27, 2015

How I Learned To Be A Fun Mom and Enjoy My Kids

20 Ways on How I Try To Be A Fun Mom

1. Do Pranks Together - my kids love it when we goof around, nothing makes them laugh more than playing hide-and-seek or when I surprise them we an outing to the park.

2. Making My Kids Laugh - Tickle fights and or acting silly brings the inner child out in myself which in the end causes them to have deep belly laughs.

3. Become the fun police - I never realized how much I hover over my kids like a helicopter, I had to learn to trust them, take a tiny step back and not to sweat the small stuff.

4. Have a silly face contest - My kids and I see who can make the silliest face and whoever can make the funniest face I come up with fun prizes like making medals out of aluminum foil.

5. Have a family slumber party - Everyone especially my significant other and I bring blankets, pillows, their favorite stuffed animals and set up a camp in our living room. Not only do my kids have a blast with this idea because it breaks up their regular sleep routine but it surprisingly helps my oldest sleep through the night.

6. Pick a day once a month or more if you have the time and have a date. Take them out to lunch or find a facility that host activities that are age specific, it's a great way to get out of the house and get the kids to interact with other kids that are the same age.

7. Have a scavenger hunt.

8. Baking with my kids - my oldest loves making cookies with me and while the cookies are backing we sit back and relax with either chocolate milk or homemade milkshakes.

9. Read a story - I have my oldest pick out a book for himself and his brother and we sit on the couch and have story time. Right now their favorite books are "I Love You, Stinky Face!" and "I'll Love You Forever".

10. We have a great time learning something, I know that this might come as a shock but we love doing science experiments like making a volcano using vinegar, baking soda and red food coloring to make it look like lava.

11. We play superheroes. I made capes out of fabric I got from the craft store and every week we play superheroes, I come up with scenarios in which the children need to save the family. They pretend to fly around and my oldest has kid binoculars and pretends to have x-ray vision or having lasers shoot out of his eyes.

12. Blowing bubbles. I know this sounds simple but my children have a bubble machine and they go nuts running after bubbles catching them.

13. I have an app on my IPad that teaches my kids how to count or learn their alphabet. Nothing makes me happier than to see my oldest teach me how to play his favorite learning game.

14. This is one tough for my kids because they love watching Disney Jr but we have a technology free day and we fill the day with arts and crafts, hide-and-seek, coloring/painting and doing puzzles.

15. Knock-knock jokes.

16. I give my kids poster board with either crayons or washable paint and I have them go to town making art using their imagination and creativity. We then hang up their art to display, they love nothing more than to show guests that come to the house to visit what they have created.

17. Piggyback rides, sounds simple by my kids love pretending their cowboys I mean granted I need a chiropractor afterwards but hearing them laugh makes the back pain totally worth it.

18. ROAD TRIP!!!

19. Peak and Pit - every evening at the dinner table we ask our four year what his favorite part of his day was and what did he not enjoy so much that day, we would ask our one year old but he obviously can't talk yet. Afterwards we let him know how much fun we had with him during the day then we tell them how much we love them.

20. Have a dance party.

Here are just a few ways that I am a fun mom. You can obviously add to this list or try one of these yourself, your idea can be as simple and playing tag or a little more adventurous like building forts in the living room. As long as you and your kids are having a great time and laughing, it makes any idea worth trying.


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