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Fun Games for a Baby Shower

Updated on April 4, 2013

Fun Games for a Baby Shower to Keep Guests Entertained

Fun games for a baby shower get the guests to participate in the celebration. Baby shower napkins available on Amazon.

Book of Fun Games for a Baby Shower - Great book for planning the perfect baby shower.

This book will give you all the idea and information needed to plan a fun baby shower for your family and friends. Customers give this book very positive reviews.

Baby Shower Games: Fun Party Games and Helpful Tips for the Hostess
Baby Shower Games: Fun Party Games and Helpful Tips for the Hostess

One satisfied customer write: "If you are looking for a quick short cut to some cute games, then this is the way to go."

Another writes: "There are so many cheesy baby shower games out there that a lot of people do not enjoy playing. This book made it easy and fun with no work need from me since it provided the game sheets. So many enjoyed the games that I had requests for the name of the book so they could buy it too for any baby showers they would host in the future."

Another customer review reads: "I was searching for good game ideas for a baby shower at a low price. This spiral bound books includes play-sheets for 14 people that can be easily removed for use. There are also instructions and answers, where applicable, for the games. At the end of the book, there is a place to log gifts received at the shower. It is an overall good value and well worth the money."


Why Have Games for a Baby Shower?

Why you need games at a baby shower.

If you've volunteer to host a baby shower you have a lot of planning to do. You need to choose a venue, decide on the theme, order the food and beverages, and think about the decorations. Sometimes in the midst of the hustle and bustle of planning a baby shower, the hostess forgets about planning baby shower games. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the guests will pass the time with polite conversation. The guest list may all be friends of the mommy to be, but they may not know each other. Instead of conversation, a baby shower without games may result in awkward silence.

Games are important to a baby shower because they entertain the guests and get everyone to interact with one another. Now four years after my own baby shower, the silly games are fond memories that I now cherish.

Fun Games for a Baby Shower - Best baby shower games.

This is a list of the 10 most popular baby shower games available on Amazon today. Vote your favorite game up and your least favorite down.

Do You Enjoy Fun Games for a Baby Shower? - Have you thrown or are about to throw a baby shower?

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