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How to Get Rid of Milia and Baby Acne

Updated on November 24, 2012

How to Hide Milia for Baby's First Photos

I'm a newborn hospital photographer and one of the common questions I get is how to get rid of milia (or the newborn pimples or acne that many babies have). Many mom's want perfect pictures of their bundle of joy and want to hide milia in baby's first photos. This page will tell you how to treat milia, and also how to disguise it or hide it for baby's first photo shoot!

Don't wait for milia to clear up before getting baby's pictures made! Hide or retouch!

How to Treat Milia

The Best Treatment is No Treatment

Many new parents are surprised, but the best treatment for baby's milia is not to use medication but to let it clear up on its own. It should clear up on its own in a few weeks. If it stays longer, consult your pediatrician. To speed up a clear up, wash baby's milia with warm water several times a day and pat it try. Also, try not to touch baby's milia.

Don't use lotion or oil on baby's milia.

Don't try to pop or pinch baby's milia.

Don't scrub baby's milia either.

All of these things can further irritate or infect baby's milia (causing worse complexion issues).

Hiding Milia for Baby Photos

How to Disguise Milia Before Photos are Taken

Parents are excited to send out birth announcements and get pictures taken. Waiting for milia to disappear on its own before getting pictures taken is not a good solution! You'll miss out of several weeks of growth, plus there are plenty of work arounds.

Hide Newborn Forehead Imperfections with a Hat

Want to see all the best beanies for newborn babies from stores and individual sellers all over the web?

Melondipity Sweet Sock Monkey with Braids Baby Hat - Premium Animal Beanie
Melondipity Sweet Sock Monkey with Braids Baby Hat - Premium Animal Beanie

Awesome monkey hat for boys. Would be perfect for newborn photos to hide a cone head or milia.


Retouching Milia, Baby Acne and other Imperfections

Photogarphers Can Retouch After Photos are Taken

Most professional photographers offer photo retouching services where complexions can be evened out after the photos are taken. This usually isn't very expensive, and you can't tell that milia or baby acne has been removed from pictures (unless you just knew the newborn well enough to remember every imperfection on their face).

What is Milia and Baby Acne?

Milia happens when dead skin cells become trapped in small pockets near the surface of a newborn's skin. Baby acne is caused by hormonal changes at birth that stimulate oil glands in the skin. Milia affect boys and girls equally (about 20% of newborns), but baby acne is more common in boys.

How did you get rid of milia?

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