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Gift Ideas For A New Mother

Updated on October 25, 2013

Simple ways to show you care

The birth of a baby is an amazing thing. Usually when we go to visit we have gifts for the new baby but what about the new parents. The arrival of their baby is no doubt the best thing ever but the past nine months will have been stressful, exciting, tiring, and incredible. They will have gone through mixed emotions. My friends have just had their first child and along with everyone I bought their precious bundle of joy gifts but I also wanted to buy a gift for them. Below are some gift ideas for a new mother and some can apply for a new dad too

Photo Credit:Sabianmaggy on Flickr

The Gift Of Food - It will not stop the baby crying but new parents will love it

New parents need to eat good healthy food to keep up their energy for the sleepless nights and days. But the thing is they just might not have the time or even energy to cook. This is where you could come in.

Buy them a food gift certificate. There are restaurants and other food places that can either deliver cooked meals to homes or after you place an order will arrange to deliver it to a designated place like a car park. You can get a gift certificate for meals enough to last 1 week or 2.

Do the cooking yourself. A cheaper option is to cook food that can be frozen and reheated whenever needed. To make this work though;

  • It might be better to cook the food at your place and bring it over because some people might not want someone else taking over in their kitchen.
  • Cook food in batches because of storage issues if their freezer is not that big
  • Use disposable food containers so they do not need to worry about returning containers which can get misplaced especially if other people are bringing then food as well
  • Ask them what food they would prefer
  • Baked goods. Cakes, fresh bread, scones, muffins these will not go to waste if the new parent will not eat them other people who come to visit them will. Store them in air tight containers if necessary so they can remain fresh for a longer time

Food Storage Containers

Below are a wide selection of containers that you can put food for a busy new parent to freeze

Baked Gifts Storage

No one can resist freshly baked snacks.They will stay fresher longer if they are properly stored.The best thing is that they can re-use these containers over and over again.

Toby The Toad Frog Cookie Jar Canister For Kitchen Decor And Food Storage
Toby The Toad Frog Cookie Jar Canister For Kitchen Decor And Food Storage

Toby the toad is a beautiful addition to the kitchen.It is so cute and will brighten up your day.It is a conversation starter as everyone will want to konw where you got him from

Rubbermaid Servin Saver Cake Keeper
Rubbermaid Servin Saver Cake Keeper

Keep cake fresh in this cake keeper.It is good quality,cheap but will do the jod perfectly


Help with house work

Offer to clean the house for them or get a gift certificate for a contract cleaner to come and clean the house once or twice a week for certain duration of time. When my friends had their baby, I went to their house before they got back from the hospital and cleaned it, I also stocked up a few things for the fridge.

Sometimes people are not comfortable asking for help it does not mean they do not want it or appreciate it that is just their nature so if you think something needs doing them go ahead and do it. For example when I go to my friend's house if there is laundry that needs ironing/folding I will help with that.


Offer to babysit so a new parent or parents have time to do other things. They might be comfortable leaving their new baby with someone else but even if they are not ok with that just yet, offer to stay and mind the baby even with them in the house so they can catch up on much needed sleep, have a shower or spend time with the other children.

If they have other children take them out of the house for some time. This benefits everyone. It gives the new parents time to bond with the new baby without worrying about their other children but the other children might be feeling neglected with the new arrival and would love someone to lavish attention on them.

Look after the pets like walking the dog, taking to the vet, feeding

Offer to go shopping ask them to write a list and get them.

Entertainment - Movies and TV Series

Get them box sets of their favorite series. Mom can watch these as she nurses. It is also a great way to relax when the baby is sleeping and the couple can spend time together watching them as they most likely will not be going out a lot.

You could buy them a subscription to a service like Netflix

Amazon is also a good option because they have a wide variety of films,TV series.There is also Amazon instant video wherebuy you do not need to buy physical copies of the DVDs

Downton Abbey: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (6 Discs)
Downton Abbey: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (6 Discs)

This brilliant series portrays the class divide in pre-world war England. Set in the beautiful Downtown Abbey it follows the life of Lord Robert Crawley, his unforgettable mother, beautiful daughters, wife and countless servants who run the household. When his heir dies in the sinking of the Titanic because of inheritance laws, his daughters futures are threatened as his title and fortune must now go to a distant cousin .It has a talented cast and amazing costumes


Magazine Subscriptions

Subscriptions to magazines are surprisingly cheap. There are loads of magazines that you can get a new parent. Some might like baby magazines like Parenting, American baby while for others would prefer something not related to baby due to the fact they spend the whole day at home with them.

It is so nice to have a magazine about something that you are interested in coming through the door every month

Kindle - The gift of reading

A lkindle is a great idea for a gift.It is lightweight therefore can be carried around easily.

A Bathrobe - A practical but much used gift for a new mother

A bathrobe

A comfortable, roomy beautiful bathrobe for a new mother

This is an ideal gift for a new mom because she will definitely be wearing a lot of bathrobes at this time.

She will probably spend a lot of time trying to catch up on sleep, and even when she is up probably will not be up to changing her clothes all the time when she gets guests or is relaxing in the house. A beautiful comfortable bathrobe can go a long way in making her feel presentable

Get one that is of good quality and will withstand countless machine washes

Has pockets so that she can carry things like the baby monitor, her phone, kindle with her always

Make it one that looks good

To go with the bathrobe you get a comfortable pair of slippers or pyjamas

Gift certificate for new clothes is a nice gift for a new mother. It will give her a chance to pick up something nice or herself to wear

A Luxury Body and Bath Set

Giving herself suh a treat will probably have been the last thing on a new mother's mind for months even before the birth of her baby. And now that she has had the baby there might be so many other things that she has to spend money on that treating herself might not be on the list. There is an amazing selection of gift sets that you can choose from and there are usually a variety of products within th same basket/set

Or make one yourself by putting together a hamper with products that you know she will appreciate.Thinsg like bio oil,moisturizers and bodylotions,shampoo,bath soak,perfume will always be appreciated

A gift certificate to a spa for a massage. You may do this for just the mother or if you can afford for the new father as well. It is a great way for the two of them to spend time relaxing together.

A massage is great for a new mother who has been carrying a lot of extra weight for the past few months.

A pedicure for the new mother who might not have been able to do her feet for the past few months. If you cannot get her a certificate for a spa then giving her one at home will be just as appreciated


Sometimes a bit of gossip and a cup of tea is all it takes

Being a new parent can be lonely and as a friend you can help by spending time with them. Talking about things that we think are so mundane like your day at work, a movie you watched or a good book you are reading can be such a huge change from talking about baby all the time

Other considerate things

Whenever you are going to visit call and ask if there is something they need from the store. If you are stuck in the house all day long it might be difficult to pop out for a pint of milk or the like

When giving gifts that are valid for a limited time because new parents have a lot going on for them, make sure the gifts are valid for as long as possible so they are not under pressure to use them.

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