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How to Use Kids' Giving Banks and Tithing Banks

Updated on February 5, 2014

Tips for Using Kids' 3-part or 4-part Giving Banks and Tithing Banks

Thinking of buying your child a 3-part or 4-part Giving Bank or a Tithing Bank to help your child learn how to SAVE, SPEND, and DONATE money?

This lens has the information that you need to know BEFORE buying a Giving or Tithing Bank. Here you will find the answers to the questions that you're going to have after your new Giving or Tithing Bank arrives.

Remember, all simple things are brilliant - until you try to put them into practice! Like, on Friday night when you're tired and trying to divide $1.00 into 3 equal portions . . . that's when the cursing begins. That's why this lens was made for you - to learn how to use a Tithing Bank successfully.

A Child's Donating, Giving, and Tithing Habits

Whether your children donate now, or you want them to eventually donate regularly, tell us what you think would be a comfortable percentage for you to have your child donating, giving or tithing. [Looks like 10% is winning the race by a landslide. Hmmm, I wonder where that figure originally came from? ]

How much Money do you want your kids to donate, give, or tithe?

See results

5 Questions about Using a Giving Bank or a Tithing Bank that you've purchased

  1. Why must we be shoving dollar bills into teeny tiny slots?
  2. How come these cottin-pickin' banks make you break a sweat getting the money out?
  3. Has ANYONE - EVER - divided any dollar amount evenly by 3?
  4. How is this investment portion supposed to grow anyway?
  5. And the all time favorite, "Honey, do you think the kids will ever really like this bank?"

Kids' Tithing Banks

These 3-part banks and 4-part banks for kids are a good start. Do they have drawbacks? Sure. Are they perfect? No. But, they're a really good start & their imperfections can only be overcome by making your own 4-part bank. So, unless you're inclined to get real crafty this weekend, get one of these. I prefer the LearningCents one because of the large containers and slots and easy-to-open features.

Want to know more about what makes a good 4-part kids bank? Go to the Squidoo Lens Kids Bank.

My Giving Bank
My Giving Bank

"Wonderful product to teach about money matters!" 5 stars - review by D. Barnes (Boston, MA)

ABC Learning Bank (Kids Bank)
ABC Learning Bank (Kids Bank)

"Great bank for kids to learn about saving, spending, and donating. Letters slide together and can be separate. Easy to open caps on the bottom. Seems pretty sturdy. My 5 year daughter loves it." 4 stars - review by A. Litteral "Joyous Vaccumer" (San Diego, CA)

Mudpuppy Robots Money Bank
Mudpuppy Robots Money Bank

"Shockingly cheap quality for this overpriced cardboard box. The dividers are pointless because they don't go to the top of the box. Thus, when my kids turn them on their side, all the money spills into the other compartments. The "padlock" is so poorly made that the key gets stuck every time they use it. I'm really not sure how the product found it's way to the market. Huge buyer's remorse - especially since I bought three of them." 1 start - review by jnjn (


The 5 Answers to Your Top 5 Questions

  1. Why must we be shoving dollar bills into teeny tiny slots?

    No one should have to shove money - especially into a bank! What does this teach our children? Mishandling money is normal. Oooops - sorry, wrong message. That's why I advocate making your own Giving Bank or Tithing Bank - because there is NOT ONE Giving Bank or Tithing Bank on the market that treats coins and paper money with intelligence or respect.

  2. How come these cottin-pickin' banks make you break a sweat getting the money out?

    Because they are based on a negative, self-destructive Depression-Era mentality of lack, lack, lack. As in "I, the piggy bank, am not going to let you take that money out because you may be starving one day!" It's also a message of disempowerment - that the child isn't smart enough to use his/her money wisely once the money is removed from the bank. Those are opposite messages of the Giving Bank or Tithing Bank. Our financially smart and abundant banks are supposed to be teaching our children to graciously give and receive, and use and invest our money wisely so that it multiplies, and so that we can give even more next time. Money needs to flow easily both in - and out. [see last sentence in Answer #1 above]

  3. Has ANYONE - EVER - divided any dollar amount evenly by 3?

    NO. That's why I STRONGLY recommend a 4 part bank. Want to know their names? Okay, I'll tell you:

    More Money (because it's more fun than calling it "investing")



    Christmas/Holiday Gift (for the child to buy for others)

    How many quarters in a dollar? 4

    How many $5 bills in a $20 bill birthday card from Grandma? 4

    How many nickels in twenty cents? 4

    There now, the World is in Order.

  4. How is this investment portion supposed to grow anyway?

    The "investment" or MORE MONEY (as I call it) bank section should be added to each week - with INTEREST or, Return on Investment (ROI). That means that you, the parents, need to decide ahead of time how much, and based on what formula, the ROI is going to be.

    Confused? It's okay. You probably figure, they're kids. Isn't it good enough that they are saving that money and it will grow each week with each additional deposit? Nooooo. That's not okay. Because you are teaching them that an Investment account operates the same as the Spending account - and there's no benefit there. This Giving Bank should be the basis for great lifetime money management habits. Otherwise it's just a thinly veiled, short-lived game. Opt for the long-term wisdom.

    Investment Money must have its own Rewards, or, Return. There's ROI and then there's Compound Interest.

    Okay, now I see your eyes glazing over.

  5. And the all time favorite, "Honey, do you think the kids will ever really like this bank?"

    Of course they won't like it long term. When was the last time that you or your child ever really truly embraced a completely plastic item on a long-term basis? [okay, other than Ziploc Freezer Baggies - but even those are disposable] Plastic conveys short-term, disposable, cheap.

    Financial wealth, independence and a life of donating or tithing, involves fundamental, steadfast, heavy-weight, solid values. So does a hand-made item. Want to learn the simple basics of how to make one? Visit my How to Build a 4-part Kids Wealth Habits Bank Squidoo lens.

How Long?

Go ahead, pick your answer now. [Pretty even voting so far . . . ]

(Then find the answer near the bottom of this page.)

How long does it take for 1 penny to become $10,000.00 with daily compounded interest at 100%

See results

Giving Banks for Kids

Do you own a Giving or Tithing Bank, or a 3- or 4-part Kids Bank?

See results

Cool Kid's Banks

Why are these cool banks? Simply because I love seeing kids be creative. I love glue and glitter and little things and making fuzzy funny looking things with all little pieces. Now, if you're not a glue and glitter person, then, that's why the other banks are listed above - they're already made, already colorful, already cute.

BUT, if you love getting white glue on your fingers and creating funny looking creative creatures with your kids, then go ahead and get these cool creative bank kits! And, if you get 4 kits, you'll have your 4 banks!

Kids' Donation Idea

- Rescue a Child - with a stable home, love, hope, faith, an education, and a long-term community

- Raise a Leader

- Rebuild a Nation


Get the kids involved.

Why Do I recommend Dividing Money Into 4 Equal Banks - instead of 10% to Charity?

Because if a child learns to operate on 75% of his/her income for 10 years as a child, then, when he/she becomes an adult, he/she will find it infinitely easy to operate on 90% of his/her income.

Who knows, your child could develop such wealthy habits that he/she continues to donate/tithe 25% of his/her income - and live joyfully and abundantly on the rest. People have done it. People do it. Your child could be one of them! :) :) :)

I'm here for my . . .

Who are you here for?

See results

Money Help - for Adults

Crown Financial has great books and software programs to help adults develop and apply financial wisdom to their household finances.

Get your kids on the right track early, and improve your home finances - no matter where you stand now!

11 Things that I bet you HAVEN'T thought of yet

But, you'll bump into these issues - it's only a matter of time :)

  1. How do I explain Return to Investment (ROI) to my child with this Children's Giving Bank or Tithing Bank?
  2. Okay, now, how do I calculate my child's Return on Investment every week - without using my fingers or a calculator?
  3. Right, now, how do I make sure I can afford to give, and have the money on hand to give, my children their Return on Investment every week?
  4. ROI? What's that? Anyone know where I can find out - FAST?
  5. Isn't it easier to divide things by 4 than 3?
  6. How, oh how, to I stop my children's incessant MURMURING about money and using the Giving Bank or Tithing Bank?
  7. My kids say yeah, yeah, yeah, as if I'm lecturing them, but I thought I was being nice - heck, I was doing a muuuuccch better job than MY parents did!
  8. Even though my kids are giving their Giving/Tithing portion to charity, why are they still careless with their spending money?
  9. Is my child really going to like using this bank when he/she is older?
  10. Okay, so my children are learning to set aside money for charity and church, but how about learning the manage the rest of it wisely?
  11. Isn't there a better answer than "money doesn't grow on trees?"

The Answers

  1. These answers (along with a few others) span over 100 pages, which is why I wrote the book!
  2. So, get it at now for $27 and get your kids' money relief started now.
  3. Notice, I didn't make you wade through pages of brightly-highlighted and bolded sales pages of hype and alleged discounts before you found out the price? Why? Because I respect you and your time (as I do mine). My view to buying online is, "I know what I'm looking for - some information, then something to own for more detail and reference. Tell me how much it is, so I can get it and move on. That way, I can go about my day like the efficient, effective adult that I am.
  4. Or, visit my other Squidoo lenses related to this topic.
  5. Kids and Money, which is about "How to teach your children (ages 5 - 17) how to create & share wealth"
  6. Allowance and Kids, which is about, hmmmm, now let's see, I always forget that one ;)

Best CD on How Money Works

If I had to pick one CD to listen to with my child about money and how money works, it would be Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad."

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!
Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!

Robert Kiyosaki's story captures you right from the beginning. As he says, "The dilemma was that my Rich Dad was not yet rich, and my Poor Dad was not yet poor." Follow along with Robert Kiyosaki as a boy while he learns how money REALLY works - and thus, how to have money work for you, rather than you working for money.

Wait til you hear about his first "job" offer!


Biblical Tithing for Children

How do we apply Biblical principles to our daily lives? Well, in my home, we do 4-part banks, pray, and read "Sticky Situations" every morning. If you're child is age 7 to 13, they'll love it (& enjoy learning about how to handle life's challenging moments too)!

“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7).

My Current Favorite Quote

Do What You Can

Where You Are

With What You Have.

- Teddy Roosevelt

Fiction Book for Kids that teaches about Making Money

This is a wonderful book! It's a great fiction book, in general - perfect for 4th graders (and 3rd & 5th graders too!). The characters are well-developed, and interesting, and the plot is compelling. It's a page-turner.

It also has the added bonus of showing how 2 siblings (who are in a contest against each other) earn money in their competing lemonade stands. So, it covers a lot of the basics of running a business - inventory, cost of goods, gross revenues, expenses, profits - without "preaching," but just by "showing."

If you're looking for a good kids' fiction book that deals with making money, this is IT!!!

Kids & Money - Teaching Wealth Habits to Your Children

Have you realized that you'd like to spare your children the burden of repeating your money mistakes? (or, of the poor money lessons that you were taught as a child?) Do you want your kids to learn NOW - while they're young - the money wisdom and skills that you are acquiring on the "Get Out of Debt Now" or "Law of Attraction" paths that you are (fortunately) now on?

Would you like your kids to learn Abundance and Wise Money Management now, when they're young? Would you like your kids to build strong habits that will help them save, spend and donate money wisely?


Go To The Kids' Bank Book Now to get the e-book.

ANSWER - How Long?

One penny ... one single penny ... compounded daily at a 100% interest rate ... becomes $10,000.00 ... in a mere ...

20 DAYS!!!

NOW THAT shows the beauty and the power of compound interest!

Sharing is good - especially your thoughts and experiences. So, go ahead - let us know!

BTW, got a Giving Bank or Tithing Bank question? Ask it here!

Why do you like Donating, Giving or Tithing? - [or, why do you like this Tips for Giving Banks Squidoo lens?]

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    • profile image

      lizholy 6 years ago

      Wonderful... I am teaching all my six children how to tithe and invest. I have Kiyosaki's book, but never thought about listening to it with them... great idea.

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 6 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      Very interesting topic. I have some pretty different opinions about money and kids, but I certainly agree we have to spend time explaining the rules from financial world and give proper examples. Thanks for all valuable info. Thumbs up!

    • profile image

      ideadesigns 7 years ago

      Donating as the Lord leads feels the best way to give. Sometimes just giving stuff away instead of garage selling is a great time saver and helps someone get what they needed. I've always given our childrens clothing to those with kids of similar age. Doesn't it feel good!

    • tiff0315 profile image

      tiff0315 7 years ago

      I love your lens! Great information and motivation for me to get started on those money banks!

    • blessedmomto7 profile image

      blessedmomto7 7 years ago

      Great lens. Now I'm off to go read how to make the bank...

    • profile image

      SnoopyGirl1 7 years ago

      My mother taught me about giving since I was a child and modeled this to me. I have found that in tithing and giving to others, through lean times and full times, I have always had enough. I have not started a giving bank with my kids, but I do give them offerings each week and have taught them a bit about giving. Maybe I will make a bank with them.

    • dwnovacek profile image

      dwnovacek 7 years ago

      Great lens! I wish I'd done this with my children, but I'm definitely going to do it with my grandchildren someday. Wish my parents had done this with me - it would have saved me lots of grief. Thank you!

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 7 years ago

      That's so cool. I have been wanting one of these for my sons. They are too little to understand them now, but they are so cool. Thanks for the lens!

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 7 years ago from USA

      Wonderful lens!

    • kerbev profile image

      kab 8 years ago from Upstate, NY

      The Giant Squid Greeters are kicking off a fun team challenge. You are hereby formally invited to join my team: Kab's Fab Squid Squad. I think you'd be a great addition to the Squid Squad. The deadline to join is May 1.

    • profile image

      CJPate 11 years ago

      Our kids are all grown, but these are great lessons for our grandkids. If ever I start to begrudge the money that we tithe and give, I am reminded that we always have enough - and more than we need - no matter how much we give away.

    • TheresaMarkham profile image

      TheresaMarkham 11 years ago

      Have fun with Family Time Fun Games

    • TheresaMarkham profile image

      TheresaMarkham 11 years ago

      Want a better, closer family at dinnertime? Family Time Fun company has a WONDERFUL game - "Dinner Games