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Surrounding with Armour

Updated on March 13, 2011

When my child was born, I had a feeling of disbelief.  I could not believe I had given birth to another human being.  I could not believe I am now responsible for another human being's life.  Like every new parent, my child was so precious and adorable.  I could not take my eyes off of my child, not even for a minute.  I was so paranoid.

I remember the nurse bringing my child in for a feeding.  I gave strict instructions that I wanted my child to stay in my room.   They ignored me at first.  I really do not blame them, because I was running a temperature.  They kept telling me that my child was in good hands, modern medicine has improved and that the hospital has made changes in the way newborns are transported from the nursery to the mother's hospital room.

I still felt insecure.  Every time I would awaken from a nap, I would called for the nurse to bring my child to my room.  My hospital stay was more an agony to me than the actual delivery.  I kept worrying about someone taking my child. I did not settle down, until an older nurse said I would not be released to go home until my temperature is normal.  So I just began to pray and ask the Lord to surround my child with his armour and protection.  This was the only way, I could have gotten my temperature down and begin to relax.  I would check my child from head to toe, remembering every inch...birthmarks included.

My parents were also there as extra protection.  They were also given strict instructions...DO NOT COME TO MY ROOM WITHOUT STOPPING TO CHECK ON THEIR GRANDCHILD.  Of course, being grandparents, they were going to do that anyway.  They could see how worried I was.  My mother asked me, why I was so dramatic, but I reminded her of the news articles of missing children

After we finally left the hospital, I made sure that I always travelled with someone, whenever I took my child out to the store, doctor or even just to go walking.  As my child got older (like preschool), I would always make my child walk a few steps in front of me,   I notice that a lot of parents allowed their children to trail behind them.  I also continue to pray a prayer of protection over my child...I am a firm believer of some protection beats no protection any day.

As my child continued into pre-teen, there was an allowance for freedom of movement.  But I allowed freedom of movement to a certain degree.  Before my child was allowed to go to visit or even play with other children, I had to be introduced to their parents.  Yes, parents like myself got together and planned play dates for our children.

I still monitored my child as a teenager up to their first year of college.  When my child became a teenager, we established rules like when you leave the house and after you arrive at your destination...keep your cell phone on at all times even at school (vibrator)....never leave home without enough money for transportation, etc.  We also discuss certain places my child was permitted to visit.  Yes, we still believed in the idea of having chaperones or going in groups.

The people in the world are so different now.  There seems to be a lot of strange and uncaring people walking around.  As the saying goes there no distinguishing marks indicating who is good and who is bad, we just have to be aware and cautious as possible.




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