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Goodbye Mosquito

Updated on May 24, 2017

Meet Skin so Soft.

You are enjoying a warm summer day with your family. Your children are playing in the yard, one without his shoes. Their arms and legs are exposed to the thick humidity outside. You notice it is getting dark outside, so you reach for the bug repellent. But which kind will you use?

Say NO to DEET!

Find a SAFE alternative.

Did you read that?! DEET can melt plastic and cause nerve damage! Do we really wanted to put toxic bug spray on our kids? Is there another way?

Bug Guard vs DEET

Right Guard; Right Time

I currently have two Bug Guard products in the suitcase for our upcoming beach vacation. One is Gentle Breeze, which has SPF 30 sunscreen in it. I love that it will protect against bugs and provide some added protection from the sun. The other product I have is Picaridin, which is better to use in the evening and at night. I love that both of these products have vitamin E and aloe in it. I can give my family defense against mosquitoes while nourishing their skin!


A Closer Look.


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