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Goodnight Moon - Teaching Children to Not be Afraid of the Dark

Updated on June 24, 2014

The Softer Side of the Moon and Bedtime

The book "Goodnight Moon" is not scary and it really isn't about monsters or gore.

It is a pleasant little book that teaches children that the moon and the dark are not scary, but are peaceful and actually very calming. Reading this book to children will help them learn to never be afraid of the night.

During the Halloween season & other times of the year it is important to remember that little children are scared much more easily than adults. Things are much bigger to little children and we need to remember that anything we do or say could have a big impact on them.

Reading bedtime stories about things that calm children is one of the best things we can do to connect with our children, and teach them that things, like the moon, are not to be feared.

Take this little journey with me about the book Goodnight Moon and explore some of the things I have to offer. You might just find some free stuff also. We all like free things.

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Boris Karloff
Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff and Little Children

His thoughts of the night

Certainly one of the scariest monster actors of all times and he might even be considered the scariest. However, there was a soft side of Boris Karloff that most do not know.

Boris Karloff starred in many of the most classic monster movies of his era. He was best known as the Frankenstein Monster and the Mummy but he was in many others.

Karloff loved children. He often told little stories to them and the children would flock around him. He was noted as having a very soft side. He loved children and desperately did not want them to be scared or hurt.

An example was in the original version of Frankenstein. He plead with the writers and Director to have the scene removed, written in the original novel, of the little girl being thrown in the water. He thought it was cruel and although it was a fictional portrayal, it disturbed him.

When I was a child, my Mother quoted Boris Karloff in his support to leave the light on in my bedroom. Karloff had said that it is a very small request and it doesn't hurt anyone so any child should have a light if it makes them feel safer.

His soft side was apparent and like the book Goodnight Moon, he tried to dispel fright and scariness.

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Goodnight Moon - by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon

The original Goodnight Moon book by Margaret Wise Brown is truly a classic of children's literature.

Whether you read it to your child or let them read it, it is a calming book that talks about things that are familiar to a child and a bunny that helps them go to sleep.

While I never had this or read this to my children, I have heard about it through the years and it has been the comfort of many a small child. It is timeless and a purchase of this book will never be regretted by any Mother.

Buy several and give them as baby shower or early birthday presents!


Have You Ever Heard of Goodnight Moon?

Have you read Goodnight Moon to Your Children?

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Over the Moon: A Collection of First Books: Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, and My World - by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon Classic Library: Contains Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, and My World[Miniature Edition]
Goodnight Moon Classic Library: Contains Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, and My World[Miniature Edition]

If you want more books by Margaret Wise Brown, this is a collection of some of her most famous.

The package is discounted and will be loved by any child who loves bedtime stories, which is about any child I have ever known.

Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong

Our Fascination with the Moon

Neil Armstrong was certainly an influence

Man has been fascinated with the moon since we have been on the Earth.

The moon has been studied, used for navigation, used to tell time and many other things. Remembering back in my history, I can remember the Man on the Moon, the moon man of cheese, aliens on the moon and of course, men walking on the moon.

Twelve men have walked on the moon including Neil Armstrong in 1969 as the first, and Harrison Schmitt being the last in 1972. Armstrong's recent passing brings things into perspective as to how old I am and how fast time flies.

I remember laying on the carpet in my living room when I was 8 years old and watching the moon landing. The smell of the brand new carpet my Father had just installed is as vivid in my memory as Neil actually taking the first steps.

We will continue to be fascinated with that big orb in the sky as will many generations to come.

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Your Thoughts on Bedtime Stories

Do you think that reading a child bedtime stories can be beneficial?

Buenas Noches Luna / Goodnight Moon (Spanish Edition) - by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon /Buenas Noches, Luna (Spanish Edition)
Goodnight Moon /Buenas Noches, Luna (Spanish Edition)

The original Goodnight Moon is a classic and is now available in Spanish.

You can now give the soothing images and poetic story to little children that either live here, or in other countries. If you sponsor a child in a Spanish-speaking country, this is an excellent gift that would easily fit into an envelope.


My World: A Companion to Goodnight Moon - by Margaret Wise Brown

My World: A Companion to Goodnight Moon
My World: A Companion to Goodnight Moon

The same bunny from the original Goodnight Moon is back again!

In this book the bunny is with his family and familiarizes the young reader with his new experiences and sights, outside of the bedroom.

A must-have sequel to Goodnight moon.


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