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Help Us Save a Little Girl

Updated on June 13, 2014

Parents depend on community and goodwill to save their sick child

UPDATE: After a few weeks of crazy effort, the drug manufacturer has contacted the family to say that they will help them with the costs and Sami will be able to keep getting her life-saving medicine. The family could still use donations to help with all the costs associated with having a sick child, but the threat to her life has passed! Thank you to everyone for your support!

It's every parent's worst nightmare, a young child developing a potentially fatal condition.

Sami is a bright and energetic child at four years old. You'd never guess to look at her that she's already been through three surgeries for a heart condition she was born with. Yet, she sailed through each one, amazing doctors with her strength and determination.

All seemed to be going well. The heart condition was nearly fixed. And then disaster struck.

It was discovered that Sami had developed an additional complication. Her veins were closing off. It's called Pulmonary Vein Stenosis and only 1 in 5 people survive it. That's not even taking into account that Sami is only four years old!

She is the only person on record to ever have both Heterotaxy and Pulmonary Vein Stenosis. If her treatments don't work, she could be facing a heart and lung transplant!

However, her parents found an experimental treatment that is giving her a normal childhood. The PVS is not taking over, Sami is doing great.

But the experiment is ending and health insurance will not pay for the medication she needs to stay alive.

Can you imagine having that happen to your child? How helpless you feel against the beurocracy of the health care system? Knowing that the big companies wouldn't mind your sweet little child dying?

The parents are going to be responsible for paying out of pocket for a drug that costs $75,000 a year!

These are regular working Americans who have sacrificed and fought for their little girl her whole life. Now they really need the support and care of others.

Let's show them that Sami's life is important! That we do care and they are not alone!

There's a lot of ways that you can help and every little bit makes a big difference.

Make a Difference for this Little Girl!

Show her parents that the world cares!

Here's Sami telling us about herself in her own words!

How Do I Know Sami? - Her mother is a good friend.

Support 4 Sami
Support 4 Sami

So I see their struggle every day. I see how hard she works for her children.

We, her friends and family and church community, have been doing all that we can to help raise the money they need, but more help is needed. It's a huge sum! But if we all give just a little and help to spread the word to others, this family will get what they need.

The simplest way to help is to donate at Sami's YouCaring page (like Kickstarter for medical expenses):

Support 4 Sami Support 4 Sami.

Sami: Always Smiling!

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Lots of Fundraisers - There's so many ways to help!

Many friends have set up fundraisers with their small businesses, donating profits to Sami. Here are all the ways that you can help.

Don't forget that spreading the word is also an enormous help! Share this page with your social networks, let people know about Sami's story!

You can also send letters or donations to:

Shannon Bernadzikowski

PO Box 1692

Glen Burnie, MD 21060

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