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Great Great Grandma Helen's Jewelry

Updated on September 16, 2012

Grandma Helen Always Had Jewelry!

I didn't know my Great Grandma Helen well because we lived in a different state and she developed dementia when I was young. However, I feel like I know her because her jewelry box traveled from my (Great-Great)Grandma Helen, to her daughter Grandma Shirley, to my mother Nana Susan, to me Mom to my daughters.

Wearing her clip on earrings and jewelry connects my children to a long line of women in our family. And isn't it cool to still have this stuff around?

Great Grandma Helen's Jewelry

probably isn't worth much, but it is a fun dress-up activity for my girls. And they LOVE clip-on earrings since their ears aren't pierced yet.

My Sister Playing With Grandma Helen's Necklaces

We have a picture of my sister as a toddler playing dress up with Grandma Helen's necklaces. So this big to-do about Grandma Helen's jewelry has been going on far longer than just with my children!

As a Teen I Loved Grandma Helen's Necklaces

I wish this picture showed the necklace a bit better. But this was one of my favorite pendants from my Great Grandma Helen (on loan to me at the time, now back in her jewelry box at Nana's house for my girls to play with).

Do you have family jewelry that's lasted several generations?

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