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Castle Gross Stein - Kamien Slaski

Updated on March 22, 2017

For a short time during WWII we lived in a Castle named Gross Stein

My place of birth was Berlin Germany during the war. At this time the bombings grew more intense, and the Russians were advancing...that's when my father who was a Baron was invited by his good friend Count von Strachwitz to his family castle named Gross Stein (Large Stone) this being up North. During this time the castle was located in the German sector, after the war it belonged to the area of Poland.

Count von Strachwitz was one of the most decorated German soldiers, I believe he also was involved in a plot to kill Hitler.

Amazingly enough, I do have memories of this place, even though I was just a few years old. One of my memories was seeing Nuns and also seeing a huge statue of a man on a horse. I also remember when a soldier brought us little toys, this man supposedly was Hannes Stelzer, a good friend of my parents.

The photo above shows my dad, me and my sister sitting on the front steps of Gross Stein. Someone had sent me a website, and when I saw the photo of Gross Stein I immediately recognized the front steps shown in the photos... Wow I could not believe it, finally I had a website of the actual story about the Castle and the I don't have to feel like I was telling a tall one believed me, and all this information was even confirmed by my Aunts in Germany who had visited us there.

Note ~

Scraper Protection: This is a personal story with personal photos with all rights reserved Delia Pacheco (C) If you see this personal story page anywhere else on the Internet besides here...Contact me...Thank You ~ Delia Pacheco

The steps we sat on as seen in the B/W photo above

The steps we sat on as seen in the B/W photo above
The steps we sat on as seen in the B/W photo above

As Gross Stein looks now ~

A place to visit in Poland

My mother used to talk about the times at Gross Stein. However when mom died, it occurred to me that I never bothered to ask any questions. I didn't know where the Castle was and who the people where, even though I heard the stories many times you where just too used to it...

Then in 1999 I got a computer. I looked up the name Gross Stein and came across a blog website where the members talked about Castles. I put in a query, and within a day I got three responses. Coincidentally the renovated building had just opened a tourist place to stay and have conventions.

Before my 97 years old aunt passed away, I was able to learn so much more about my family.

She told me many things about my family that I never knew or just did not pay attention to...funny how you think things aren't important when you are young, but family history is what makes you...genetics is ingrained whether you realize it or not. Even though it does not change things in my life, it does complete it knowing my families past, especially the German side...I'm still working on the American/English side of my grandmother Georgianna Ives from Connecticut.

Gross Stein is quite a beautiful place, the renovations of the building outside and inside are marvelous, everything looks so grand. The castle has a fascinating History. They have conventions and accommodations there...I'm not sure if they have tours...I hope someday to be able to visit this place again.

From a time in the past ~

An item with a painting of the castle ~

My father had a cigarette case or a matchbox with a painting of the castle looking just like the photo above, it was painted in red ink...sadly it's been lost over the years

Baron Alexander von Meyer -


My father...

He spoke many languages, mostly learned from his nannies, schooling and travels. He was very artistic, and I'm sure I inherited my artistic ability from him, but having a family of art collectors it must be in my blood, my GrGr-Grandfather Johann Meyer owned one of the largest French art collection in Dresden as well as his daughter who inherited them. Dad had two Photography Studios, one in Berlin and the other in Dresden. I found this photography interest an interesting coincident of his famed photographer cousin Adolphe de Meyer Dad did not have to work for a living because he had a family trust...taking photos was his hobby business, photographing his well known friends and other people. I wish I had all those photos now, they where destroyed during the war. Some of the interesting ones left, include the one of him and the Red Baron, and some of mom in her theater time.

My father also fought in WWI, one tour was in Turkey where he received the Gallipoli Star which you can read about on one of my other pages here...during WWII he photographed for the German Government wartime battles.

My Mother met my dad when he took promotional photos of her while she was making a German Movie "die drei Codonas" (the three Codonas - famed Aerialists) mom did the stunts for the Trapeze scenes.

In an airplane with the Red Baron (colorized by a friend)*

My father & the Red Baron (colorized by a friend)*
My father & the Red Baron (colorized by a friend)* | Source

Dad's friend ~

This is a photo of my dad sitting in the back of the bi-plane with the Baron Manfred von Richthofen the "RED BARON" in the front seat...actually I never believed my mom that this man was really the Red Baron, but it was confirmed by someone who collected items about the Red Baron...another story for another time.

I am so very fortunate to have this photograph, a one of a kind...

This notice is for those that have inquired about the Photo (Red Baron) displayed above on this lens. It's NOT for SALE at this time. This image can not be used, saved, copied or transferred to any other individual...a copyright restriction's illegal to use this image for the purpose of reproducing, for personal use or profit and or any other purposes.

The Red Baron

The Red Baron
The Red Baron

Autobiography of a young man who fought for his country and was respected by all...its personal and detailed with interesting facts...making you feel like, you're right there. His brother Lothar also has written in this book...they were a great family!


Kamien Slaski (Gross Stein) Castle

Location of the Kamien Slaski (Gross Stein) Castle and estate near Opole (Oppeln) in Silesia

A marker -
Kamien Slaski (Gro� Stein) Castle and estate near Opole (Oppeln) in Silesia
get directions

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Created 06/25/2007

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    • profile image

      reasonablerobby 3 years ago

      What an amazing story. I hope to go to Berlin soon as my friend lives there.

    • CoolFool83 profile image

      CoolFool83 3 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your history with us. I can tell you have a very deep bond of where you come from. Your father seemed like a fascinating person.

    • profile image

      MarcellaCarlton 3 years ago

      Oh, my goodness, what a stellar story! I have found that I come from the aristocratic side also. Mostly on my paternal grandmothers side, and mostly Scottish. There is also some German--like the King of Bavaria, Philipp the German King is my 24th great grandfather, and Theodomir, The King of the Ostrogoths is my 43rd great grandfather. Charlemange is my 34th great grandfather. Whew. And that is only some on the German side. I enjoyed this lens immensely.

    • rob-hemphill profile image

      Rob Hemphill 3 years ago from Ireland

      Fascinating story!

    • PNWtravels profile image

      Vicki Green 3 years ago from Wandering the Pacific Northwest USA

      What an interesting story!

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