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Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen

Updated on September 22, 2014

A Classic Fairy Tale

Fairy Tales take me back to a time of wonderment and fantasy. I love to learn about far away places and people. None seem as far as the great white North. This tale depicts one of the most elegant of characters who lives in a great palace in the Northern reaches of the Earth. Throughout this story, you wonder if the Snow Queen is good or evil. In the end, we find out her true motive for whisking the young Kai away to her palace. In this tale, the Snow Queen is described as cold as ice, dressed elegantly in her snowy white gown. Hans Christian Andersen was a wonderful weaver of fairy tales. He has a true gift of transporting you into a world of imagination. The Snow Queen takes you into the voyage of Gerda as she tries to save her best friend. Along the way, she meets many perils, but with the help of a reindeer and a Laplander she is able to make her way to the palace gates. I hope this story inspires you and transports you back to that wonderment of childhood.

A Great Winter Time Ballet

This is the perfect ballet for the Christmas season and is a must see for all ages. It really put me in the mood for the holidays. Seeing the Snow Queen every year is now on my must-do list but I will try to bring some kids the next time. It was a very enjoyable show! K.R.

The California Theatrical Youth Ballet are best known for their classic and theatrical production of The Snow Queen , performed during the winter holidays. A beautiful story by Hans Christian Andersen that demonstrates friendship, persistence towards one's goals, and that love can overcome all barriers. This production is beautifully staged, costumed and beautifully enhanced by brilliant lighting and set design as well as featuring a memorable and moving musical score.

Be sure to check them out if you can. Tickets can be purchased at

Faery Tale Theater's The Snow Queen

Another classic by Faery Tale Theater! You simply will not find a better version than this one. Melissa Gilbert is charming as the young Gerda. Her friendship with Kai is sweet and will eventually melt everyones' hearts. The Snow Queen is portrayed beautifully by Lee Remick while her cunning sister is played by Lauren Hutton.

Find Faerie Tale Theater Movies!

Share the enchantment of Faerie Tale Theater with your family today.

Snow Queen (2002)

This version of the Snow Queen is set in modern times with dream like sequencing of Gerda's journey to rescue Kai. Bridgette Fonda portrays The Snow Queen and does a fantastic job at it. The cinematography is wonderful, and you cannot beat the make up and wardrobe used for The Snow Queen.

The Animated Version Voiced by Sandra Dee

Buy Your Own Copy And Read Hans Christian Anderson's Tales

What is your favorite fairy tale?

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    • SciTechEditorDave profile image

      David Gardner 5 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California

      Nice.... I have the Russian version of this ... great illustrations ... however, I'm still struggling at learning Russian, so reading it is taking me a while. (It's easier to learn a foreign language by translating a "kids' book") ... Congratulations on a Squidoo masterpiece!

    • jwcooney profile image

      jwcooney 5 years ago

      Great lens, I'd forgotten about the Snow Queen, but it was a wonderful tale.

    • profile image

      Tempus 7 years ago

      I've got to say I'd forgotten all about 'The Snow Queen' it's years since I read it. Thanks for jogging my memory.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      This article uses cover of The Snow Queen book (artist Vladislav Yerko), but not mentioned where people can buy this unique, collectible book with so amazing illustrations. Here is the info. You can find the bookt at