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Help Your Child Succeed

Updated on July 18, 2016

Toddlers can learn AND have fun!

Every parent has heard it. Every toddler has said it. What is this common phrase I'm referring to? It's...

"MOM? DAD? I'm borrrred!"

Does that sound familiar?

Maybe it is raining outside or it could be one of those lazy days when you don't feel energetic. How do you entertain your toddler? If you answer that question with "watch TV" then I can empathize. Maybe sometimes watching TV isn't bad but we don't want it to become the babysitter. Who knows what your kids will learn from Sponge Bob.

When I hear that call - "DAD? I'm Bored" - I already have an answer. There is a way you can entertain your kids, you can interact and spend time with them, and it's educational. Kids board games have come a long way from the days when I was little and there were just a few to choose from. it is something the family can do together, they don't require a huge time commitment, and they can be a lot of fun. Plus, many newer board games will teach, and practice important skills.

Smaller kids will be learning about shapes and colors. They will be learning recognizing patterns, and about how to play while following the rules. As time goes on kids will be recognizing letters and numbers, and improving their fine motor skills.

In this article I will provide three of the best board games that I have in my collection. These are the one's that my daughter likes, and that are fun for her Mom and I as well.

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Learning from board games?

And it is fun?

These board games teach toddlers the fundamentals like color and shape recognition. Children can learn about letters and numbers. Then there are deeper lessons like strategy and focus. Strategy is something that people use every day – like when you put together a meal plan for the week or choose the best route home to avoid traffic or when playing sports or chess. Why not help make your children good at it now?

You might be saying – “NOT MY KID! THEY HATE LEARNING!” That is what is so good about this – the board games make learning FUN! Kids don’t even realize they are learning. They are just having a good time!

I've tried out a number of educational board games so let me tell you about the ones our family love!

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game - Our Favorite

This is a super simple, award-winning game that we started playing with our daughter when she was only 3. She loves it. If you enjoy spending time with your toddler then you will have fun with this one too. The game revolves around collecting each of the five colors of acorns. Everybody gets a little tree stump that holds your acorns, and when it is your turn you spin an arrow around and it will land on the color of acorn you get.

It is also possible that the arrow may point to the option to "sneak" an acorn from another player. They will have to decide who to sneak the acorn from. Usually, it will be the player that is the closest to winning the game while at the same time getting an acorn color that they require to get ahead.

The will use their fine motor skills when they use the toy squirrel to pick up and place the acorns, and they are using color recognition, and they are learning strategy. The game is colorful, and cute. Plus the kids, and you are having a good time.

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game
Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game | Source
The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game
The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

If you think you are ready to try a family board game this might be the one for you.


How do you Qwirkle? - Qwirkle - a board game that can keep the boredom away!

Qwirkle was the first game that our family played together where my four year old beat me without me letting her win. This game is tricky but kids seem to pick it up with ease. You line up wooden squares according to the little designs they will have on the face or by the color. There are a few more rules to it that add some complexity but basically that's what it is about. Kids learn about shapes, colors and... you know it... strategy! They say it is for kids 6 and older but as I mentioned my 4 year old had no problems with it. Play it with your kids and be amazed at a level of ingenuity that you probably don't realize they have.

Watch the rules of Qwirkle

Your kids are bored! - What do you do?

What do you do with your kids when they are bored?

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Zingo | Source

Bingo, wanna play Zingo? - Learning letters and words

The final game I will recommend today is Zingo. For this one your children will need to at least know their A,B,C's. When they are at that point where they have the alphabet memorized, and they can recognize all of the letters then sit down at the table with this game and watch as they learn to read words.

Everyone that is playing gets their own sheet, with one side having fairly easy two and three letter words on it, while the flip side has slightly larger words. Like the numbers on a bingo card, all of the words are arranged in rows and columns.

There is a red card dispenser that you set in between the players. When it is the first players turn they take a card out, and check to see if they have the matching word on their sheet. If your child knows their letters you can help them check to see if the card matches any of the words. If they have a match then they cover that word. The first person to cover up all the words on their sheet wins. The game comes with dozens of different sheets and hundreds of cards. This provides an introduction to a lot of new words, and it builds the confidence needed to learn to be a proficient reader.

The game comes with dozens of different sheets and hundreds of cards. This provides an introduction to a lot of new words, and it builds the confidence needed to learn to be a proficient reader. This game builds reading and comprehension skills. Being a good reader is a tremendous advantage in life.

This is a brilliant toy because what a great way to learn. My daughter gets this game off the shelf and calls everyone to play it. There is no need to drag your kid to learn something. They will be engaged, having fun, and learning all at the same time.

Searching for something for your little one? - Ebay has a great selection

I've never had any issues with something i Have ordered off of Ebay. It is a great place to look if you are trying to find a little variety for what you are searching for.

Learn a little, live a little

That is the educational board game round up. Of course there are many many more so do a little investigating. I have even seen toy stores that have only educational toys. Try and drag me out of one of those! Even my daughter is tapping her foot and saying "Time to go DAD!"

Ok - until next time take care!

What kind of toys do your children enjoy? Have they tried any educational toys? What kind?

Does your child enjoy Educational Toys?

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