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A much deeper Heritage, young mothers.

Updated on November 11, 2011

She was a child herself.

I watched her as she went about the business of disciplining her children.

Doing so with such an assurance of truth.

A truth she held buried within her core, one she could not dare to forget,

because she was also the recipient of this reality of her heritage that was taken from

the tradition of her ancestors. This was the only truth she took. It had all to do with learning

and she strongly believed and remembered it from her own conviction, to be most effective,

That was the way she had learned herself, and now energized with this conviction

she was hell bent on distributing this necessary prerequisite for learning.

No one dared interfere with her during any of her disciplinary episodes, not even the other half

of this immediate equation, which was the father. He too, as I have seen in the past,

would be rewarded accordingly. In the past he would simply throw a few words, while biding his time

then walk away. He would go looking for his own mother, hoping for her intervention.

But when I said no one, it’s is no one that I meant, as the display of he motherhood authority continued

she would go on to say. These here are my children, and with an even more hellish and immature tone

she would say loudly almost screaming, I bought them into this world,

and I won’t be afraid to take them out. No one felt when I almost died , no one , so leave me alone.

Everything else was without that true maturity and understanding which comes from our heritage.

During my early days, first young girls rarely become pregnant, and according to the circumstances

surrounding the incidentd there will be quite a few decision making, but one sure thing is ,

there would not be two women in that house. As long as you lived with your parents,

you were always seen as a child by your parents, and the truth is that who you are.

She was angrily replaying the memories of her younger days with her parents.

I cry within for her, she was still a youth and though surrounded by adults,

none answer her cries she was a lonely child, with two children of her own,

and we are now in America.

I cried, for just the memories of those times where young girls and boys

looked forward to the heritage, slowly moving up in the ranks of manhood and womanhood,

step by step and they are steps that should be encouraged by parents nowadays. Instead of selfishly

wanting a grand baby from a baby. The young people of my time, they looked forward to the

changing of the guard, eager and in great haste to prove their own self worth to themselves and

their parents that they have come of age. These are the times the parents can smile.

Parents can rest assured that they’ve done their job well, now it was only the hands of faith

itself that would dare attempt to undo that which was so traditionally and culturally

woven together for the better. That which those cultural hands have in time touched.

And now sealed as to be that of the West Indian heritage, strengthened by a tradition and culture

background, that went as far back as to the days of slavery.

Yes it would take a storm, one of epic proportions to break that solid foundation that our

grand parents and fore parents had started erecting during those times.

That’s how long it took to finally be as flawless as it now stands.

As I watch that young lady slowly drifting In that abyss which I have witnessed swallowing

other young boys and girls at such an alarming rate, I know that it’s one that it was not

sanctioned, or given right of passage by our fore parents.

To almost suddenly be on this mission to seek and destroy, infiltrarating in this very

moment and succeed in corrupting this young lady’s mind, and the minds of so many of our youths,

relentlessly going about its business having no mercy, and as I also see.

Absolutely no regard for race!


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks my brethren Frank , for reading and commenting . Blessings . The truth is I know the family personally. The witness the immaturity and watch the only part of the heritage she would take was the beatings , and no one dare to say anything. The kids won't understand what hit them but I guarantee you they would always remember the beatings, and when they grow up to have children of their own , they can only relate this to be the way life is supposed to be and will handle their kids same , or hope that life throws then stronger life partners.

      But the flip side of that heritage is a thing of beauty.

      Blessings , I will have a feast with your older stuff later . I already planned for them.

      Blessings Frank.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      What a sad driven write.. can love really be handed down.. I know a family that had bad parents but the kids were salt of the earth.. but anyhow a very driven read here once again my dear friend

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Thank you Sky. It seems some never learn. My Grandmother used to call a child who was rebellious, " A bad apple in the sack. " I thought that was funny as a kid. Take care. Cheers..Blessings

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      For you anything "AE" that warm welcome from the onset was all I needed.

      Her parents were the typical West Indian parents, beating was most definitely allowed and it worked wonders, it had to, otherwise it would have been hell to pay.

      When you got whooped , you understood and remembered .

      This young lady wanted to do her own thing so she got plenty of whooping, and it worked to get her understanding of what life is really about, and she knew it worked, it never manifested it self in her , but she got the message then.

      She came to the States and got 2 babies of her own real quick. Maybe because of the power of sex, or some other immature decision.

      She knows nothing about raising kids, instead of learning, she rebelled . Also all she got as a result was more whooping.

      Those parents back then, they will never stop until you got it correct.

      So all she took that was good then was whooping , now here in the US, she is in trouble all across the board.

      The essence of the story is she rebelled, when she should learn , now instead of putting her knowledge to work she have to learn, but everyone is afraid of her , even the father. See how far she got to! Now her children are also victims of the ignorance, and rebellion.

      Blessings dear lady , ask me anything anytime.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Sky, Am i understanding this correctly. This girl became a Mother at a young age and she hurt them because she wasn't taught love and kindness by her parents? The story is a compelling read..Thank you again for sharing...