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Hook on High Chairs | Clip on High Chair Attaches to Table

Updated on October 2, 2012

Hook on High Chairs for Babies & Toddlers

A hook on high chair is a small seat that clamps to a table, allowing feeding at a dining table or counter, then folds up flat for easy storage.

Ideal for babies and toddlers, these lightweight clip on high chairs may be the smallest baby seats available, and are also very portable.

Benefits of High Chairs that Attach to Tables

A chair that attaches to a table is not full of features, but being the smallest high chair, along with folding up and being portable, makes them ideal in many situations. They are great for home use, grandmas house, childcare providers, and outdoor use on picnic tables. A perfect camping high chair, simply hook onto a picnic table and fold up when done.

The best clip on high chairs are lightweight, collapsible, wash up easily, have some padding for baby, and clamp tightly and securely in place on your table or counter top.

Each hook on high chair has a maximum table thickness and the bars that clamp to the table also must have clearance to allow the hanging chair to work. Those numbers are listed below.

Before buying one, measure the thickness of the table or counter where it will be used. Make sure there is ample leg room and the bars can extend as far as needed below the table. A clamp on high chair does not work with every table.

Hook on Seats

Want to know more about hanging baby seats for tables? Follow these links to find out more below: Feeding with a Hook on High Chair vs Booster Seat vs High Chair or How to Safely Use Hook on Seats

Who Makes The Best Hook On High Chairs

Below are some of the best clip on high chairs made by Chicco, Inglesina, Regalo, Zooper, Joovy, and Phil & Ted. Their main features and table thickness are clearly pointed out, to help you buy the best baby hook on chair.

Clip On High Chair With Tray for Babies & Toddlers - by Phil & Ted

phil&teds Lobster Highchair, Black
phil&teds Lobster Highchair, Black

Tables to 3.7" thick that do not have a lip

Lobster claw twisting lock mechanism

Easy Fold (no carry bag included)

Includes Tray & 5 point harness

Max allowable weight: 37 pounds

Weights 2.6 lbs

Because of the clamps, the lobster can only fit on tables with 4 legs or on a counter top or a table that has been screwed into the floor

See all Customer Reviews Here


High Chair that Attaches to Table by Joovy

Joovy Hook On Highchair, Black Leatherette
Joovy Hook On Highchair, Black Leatherette

Tables to 2" thick

Aluminum Frame

3 point harness

Max weight: 37 pounds

Only 5 lbsJoovy Hook On Highchair for Kids


Clip on Table High Chair by Regalo

Regalo Easy Diner Portable Hook On Highchair, Navy
Regalo Easy Diner Portable Hook On Highchair, Navy

Tables to 2" thick. Can have a lip, but lower brackets hit table at about 81/2" back (biggest complaint - hard to fit)

Twist Couplings

Easy Fold design

Carry bag included

5 point safety harness

Max weight: 37 pounds

Weights 4.5 lbsCheap Hook-On High Chair-See all Reviews

Hook On High Chairs
Hook On High Chairs

Hook on High Chair Safety

Rules to Follow to keep baby safe

Hanging high chairs are space saving, portable, and easy to store. But, they do not work for everyone. In some cases, the table you have won't allow you to use one.

The restaurant you travel to may not have tables that work with this type of chair. Before you buy, here are some ways to keep your baby or toddler safe while using one.

Before attempting to set up, make sure your table type is workable. Do not use on glass, crystal or similar table surfaces. Do not use on tables with rough or uneven surfaces. Do not use on tables with a single leg, card tables or lightweight camping tables.

Also, they should not be used on table extensions or table leaves. Never use with a tablecloth or place mats, the hooks should attach to a clean and dry surface.

Never use a hook on high chair if the child is able to move the top hooks. They could possibly loosen and detach them, causing injury.

Before attempting to remove your child, make sure their legs are not touching or around the under table hooks.

In general, follow the guidelines you should by utilizing the safety straps, not leaving your child unattended, and keeping one child only in the seat at all times. Don't hang objects or anything electric on or near the seat.

By following the general safety guidelines, you should have a good experience with your clip on baby seat.

Inglesina Hook on Table Chair Video Review

Chicco Revolving Hook on High Chair Video Review - See Installation of a Hangin Baby Seat

Hook On High Chair VS
Hook On High Chair VS

Hook On High Chair vs High Chair vs Booster Seat

So what is the difference in a hook on highchair compared to a booster seat or a regular full sized baby high chair. Well, no matter which you choose, your baby or toddler will be feed. If you have the room, you may prefer to own a regular high chair, but owning more than one style is what suits most people best.

Full Sized High Chairs for Kids

A regular high chair offers comfort, convenience, and extra features, but also has a larger footprint. Often they fold up, have a tray, recline, and have adjustable height. Some now also can become an adult chair after your kids no longer need it. Available in plastic, steel, and wood, these chairs can help to keep food on the tray, and therefore keep your floor cleaner.They cost about $50-$200.

Booster Seats for Babies and Toddlers

Booster seats can be used independently on the floor, attached to a chair with straps, and can fold up for travel. Not as large as a regular high chair, but bigger than a chair that attaches to a table, these allow you to feed your baby on the go, and are helpful while traveling. The do require chairs with backs to allow them to attach. They normally include trays, height adjustments, some have a three point harness, and chair straps. They cost about $15-$50.

Hook On High Chairs

Hook on high chairs are designed with nylon or cloth seats and steel or aluminum frames, and can fold up very small. They have to hang from a table or counter (do not use with glass), which can vary in height, so they do need to be clamped firmly into place. They take up little space, and do not offer lots of fancy features.

Some models swivel, have removable liners, trays, five point harness, and padded seats. Clip on high chairs cost about $30-$75. They are a lightweight space saver, and are ideal for families that need the smallest footprint possible, as well as grandparents, sitters or friends home you'll travel to often. They are ideal for restaurants and public dining, where the public high chairs may not be sanitized as often as you'd like.

How Do you Use Hook On HighChairs?

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