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Updated on November 24, 2010

by W.A.J.

Part 1 of this story was an account of some of the possible horrors that face an adopted child which finds itself in the type of family which makes a practice of adopting children as sources of free labor, as work-horses, for the family.

Details of a particularly bizarre case were cited where the adopted victim, Cindra Lazzar, was drafted into just such a family, but where all her siblings, except one, were adult. One bizarre aspect is that several of these adult siblings haboured a growing resentment, motivated by jealousy, that grew as the child got older. This jealousy apparently abated for some after the reading of a Will which omitted the adoptee, to the relief of all concerned.

That former adoptee is now 43 years-old, and has tried to distance herself from that family, since her departure from them around ten years ago. She had been nursing their mother thru the years of her illness, and was literally put out within months after the mother died.

Even more bizarre is that two of these sisters, each nearly thirty years Cindra's senior, have continued to pursue, victimize, traumatize, and terrorize the former adoptee, to this day, ten years after her departure from them.These two sisters whose names and communities I've slightly modified are identified here as Pansi Chen from Mana Park, and Wilma Swimby from the neighboring Walterwerks community. Of the two, Swimby is little more than a virtual puppet of Chen - a particularly sadistic puppet, but a puppet nonetheless.

One of them (Chen) recently investigated 'til she found Cindra's current employer whom she called with fabrications designed to get Cindra fired, the employer insulted her and hung-up - this was four months ago, actually. Apparent from all their efforts, they probably would each give a right arm to find out where Cindra now resides so as to turn-up, unwelcome, and intimidate her, and whomever she's with.

At her previous place of residence and employ, for instance, Cindra lived-in (with her child) and worked as a nurse to a very eldery/ill couple. If she arranged for someone to watch-over her patients while she ran out for 10 minutes to pick-up her child from a nearby school, for example, a neighbor would call them with that info, and they would, in turn, call the couple's son (Cindra's employer) with the news, much embellished, in an effort to get her fired. Her employer knew better, though, and saw thru their act, he ask Cindra on several occasions why her sisters hated her so much and were so determined to make trouble for her. Cindra eventually resigned from that job after several years of this, mainly, because of the constant parasitic pestering, from these two and their various accomplices. For years, this former adoptee has been literally hiding in an effort to avoid these perverted maniacs who, obviously, thrive on making her life miserable - as if in punishment for sharing their mother's 'love'.

Finding Cindra's current home is an absolute major priority for them, this would also facilitate their finding and befriending one or two of Cindra's current neighbors so as to induce them into literally spying on her and reporting to them. These are some of their tried and proven methods of operation - it's all been done before. Because of their incessant calls to her, and their use of others to call and intimidate and traumtize her with sensationalized stories designed to cause stress, Cindra no longer answers her phone, she delegated that chore to her spouse who these two have separately contacted with stories encouraging a break-up. This having failed, and after several insults from said spouse, they got others to call, from time to time, one even claimed to be Cindra's former lover - all are known to Cindra, and all are known to have ties to these two.

By far the most warped of the two is Chen. And, perhaps we should take a moment to look at this obviously demented individual as she manifests a classic example of sibling rivalry gone awry. During her early twenties Cindra witnessed a 50-odd year-old Chen crying, bawling maniacally, and complaining to her mother that mom didn't love her like the others, and that she seemed to even love Cindra more than her.

She went on to cite the example that when she was 10 years-old (long before Cindra's time) she noticed that her mother always bought better shoes for the others than she did for her. Because of this she ran under the cellar and cried, at the time. From age 10 until she left home (without consent to live elsewhere, and also be with her boyfriend) at age 16, she always went to the cellar to bawl because she felt her's was always the cheapest of all the sisters' shoes every time her mom bought shoes for them, over all those years.

Understandably, mom was shocked as she explained that that was not the case, but also asked why Pansi would keep that locked within herself for all these years to the extent that it affected her so much for her to be crying, uncontrollably, about it more than forty years later.

The fact that her mother habitually reprimanded her for her hatered, and unfair victimization of Cindra only served to increase her hatered of the adoptee. On one of the countless occaisions of abuse and victimization, Cindra uncharacteristically stood-up for herself and put the tyrant in her place. The mother also came to Cindra's defence. This so incensed the tyrant that she stormed outside to where Cindra's 2 y.o. child was playing and flung one of the child's toys to the street. On seeing this, and the crazed glare with which she stared at Cindra's baby, both the tyrant's mother and one of her sisters called the baby into the house, away from the obviously derranged woman for fear she might twist the child's neck, or some similar act.

This disturbed individual is the same person who told a 6 y.o Cindra that she is destined to want and love men, and that she'll be always watching her (she also told Cindra's daughter that she has people watching her at home and at school, bye-the-way). This individual was, obviously, extremely jealous of any attention her mother paid to the adopted Cindra, and apparently sought to punish her for it in every concievable way. Pansi Chen is today, and has always been Cindra's main task-master and persecutor.

A strong-willed, natural leader, she utilizes whatever means at her disposal, be it; charm charisma, lies, intimidation, or money, etc., to manipulate others into assisting her in her persecution of the former adoptee.

The following is a 'letter' I was asked to compose with a view to having something done to stop this woman and her cronies from traumatizing and manipulating this former adoptee and, ESPECIALLY, her child. The 'letter' is written from the perspective of Cindra's fiance, and chronologically outlines a recent event:


To whom it may concern.


Likely conspiracy between school officials and nefarious individuals to place woman’s child in government home for abused and delinquent children.


On the morning of Wednesday, the 10th of March 2010, I received a call from Mr. Nueville Atkins who relayed a message to Miss Cindra Lazar that she should attend a meeting at their daughter, Sheri-Jo Atkins’s, school (Consant Sprung All-Age) on Thursday.

Since I am Miss Lazar’s fiancé, and know her schedule, I informed him that she might not be able to make it as she had an appointment for that day. He continued to shout that he’d gotten two calls from persons (not connected with the school) to say that Sheri had been sexually molested at the school several days prior (one person mentioned rape). He went on to say that the child seemed fine, but that he was at the school and about to take her to a doctor. He also claimed not to have been getting much information from the school, and that he would call back with the time of the proposed meeting.

I then called Miss Lazar at work and informed her of the above. She therefore contacted the relevant Guidance Councilor at the school, Miss Paurette Ellison, who was also insistent on a meeting with her, and reticent with the details of the incident. Miss Lazar thought this odd, and also odd that this councilor would expect a mother to quietly await a meeting with her the next day to ascertain what had happened to her daughter at the school. Wondering whether the school was being disingenuous, she contacted a Sgt. Bowie at the Police Rape Unit and asked that the matter be investigated, partly because she’d be unable to risk her job by leaving work before 8:00pm unless her child was in imminent danger.

A subsequent conversation with Mr. Atkins confirmed that Sheri was perfectly O.K. (I was also able to speak with her) and that the doctor had deemed an examination unnecessary. Miss Lazar therefore decided to cancel a late-evening visit with the child at her father’s house in favor of a visit with her the next morning at the school. Before leaving work that Thursday morning, Miss Lazar called the Guidance Councilor to find out whether anything further had been gleaned. Miss Ellison informed her that she was just about to interview Sheri on the matter.

At the school, while talking with Sheri, it became apparent to Miss Lazar that she had already been interviewed by both the councilor and the school’s “Resource Officer”, a Woman Constable Gren, and that both were now engaged in a lengthy talk with another individual (who had no real relevance to the issue, as Miss Lazar would realize when she actually saw that individual).

The child had been questioned not just on the issue at hand, which was relatively minor, but mostly on personal and family-related issues. Issues such as whether she was happy at home with whomever she lived; whether she would like to LEAVE and live ELSEWHERE; who transports her from school, and at what times. They also wanted to know where exactly her mother lived, and with whom. Fortunately, for reasons having to do with mischief-makers in Miss Lazar’s estranged ‘adopted’ family, Sheri has never been to my home where her mother has resided since 2006. Indeed they did ask her whether she had been to her mother’s home, and whether she’d been ‘touched’ by anyone.

Perhaps an outline of Miss Lazar’s experiences with this family into which she was ‘adopted’ and mercilessly over-worked, traumatized, emotionally and sexually abused (by certain members) will help in understanding the forces at play. Their desire to discredit her and acquire her child to subject her to a similar treatment which Cindra endured for nigh on 30 years of her life, will also be apparent. (This family has a history of such exploitation of other people’s children. During Miss Lazar’s tenure, five other cousins were similarly ‘adopted’ and exploited, Mak, Jon, Swe, Amantha and Frida. Jon and Frida eventually ran away.

When Miss Lazar’s daughter was only two, her adoptive mother, who treated her relatively decently, overheard two of her devious daughters discussing taking the child and sending her to a brother in the country for him to ‘grow’ her. She warned Miss Lazar not to ever let them get hold of her daughter in that way as they’re up to no good.

In 2005 one of the ‘sisters’ actually asked Miss Lazar to give the child to her. Swe Bellett, above, actually overheard a family discussion of their sinister plans for the child, and also warned Miss Lazar. The ‘sister’ that hates Miss Lazar most, Paneyla ‘Pansi’ Chen, had told her on two separate occasions that if they don’t get her child, she will see to it that her child is taken away from her.

They’ve come to realize that the child’s father is a dog willing to do anything to get rid of any responsibility to his daughter, and have furthered this by suggesting to him that the child might not be not his. Since 2007, the sisters, allied with the child’s worthless father, had been preparing documents so as to ship the child away to one of the sisters’ son in Cayman, they only approached Miss Lazar for her signature when they realized the deal could not go through without it. Her repeated refusal has escalated the animosity between herself and all concerned, culminating in the worthless father’s threat to kill Miss Lazar in 2009. This threat was reported to the police. In fact all the above can be verified, more or less.

In this family of 3 male and 6 female siblings, Miss Lazar was fairly treated by most (all are 10 to 30 years older than she is). However, four of the sisters claimed that their mother loved Cindra (Lazar) more than them. (They also claimed, bye-the-way, that she loved Cindra’s daughter most, of all her grand-children – an ominous sign for the poor child). Though they mostly had house-hold helpers at their various homes in ManaPark, Walterwerks, Rid Hills, and the hills of St. Cathemine, they all took turns in availing themselves of her free labour. They slaved her, demoralized and abused her at every opportunity. These four are led by Paneyla 'Pansi' Chen who is enthusiastically assisted by her sister, one Wilma Swimby, and their husbands. Together they demonstrate a sadistic obsession in victimizing Cindra even though she has long gone to great lengths to distance herself from them. Wherever she goes, and with whomever she associates, these sadists try to infiltrate and influence others to victimize the woman, even now.

Generally, they associate, and are the best of friends, with gossips and mischief-makers such as themselves, which partly explains their close association with the worthless worm whom they once regarded in the most derogatory manner with regard to his dereliction of paternal duties during the 7 years his daughter was in Cindra’s care.

However more significant in this current scenario, is their close association with one Mrs. Noma Dison, a teacher at the child’s school, the very school which they had originally assisted in placing the child so as to keep close tabs on, and manipulate, Miss Lazar and child since their crony Mrs. Dison was there to inform them, and carry-out their misdeeds on demand.

This woman was once married to a brother of theirs, and though she had since remarried and separated, she’s still friendly with these members of her first husband’s family – birds of a feather, obviously. This is the woman who passed the gossip of this incedent to her friends (those sisters, Chen and Swimby), who in turn mischievously relayed to Sheri’s father the spectacular news that the child was raped. His role was to pass it on to Cindra, and frighten her into a staged 'meeting'. (A minor illness to the child at school was similarly sensationalized, in the past, by the exact same sources - by way of the same exact route).

This is the woman who Miss Lazar saw alighting from the councilor’s office after spending a very long time in conference with both the councilor, Miss Ellison, and the ‘Resource Officer’ Woman Constable Gren. In contrast to her customary hypocritical plastic-smile and greeting of, “Hello Cindra”, her shocked expression transforming into a pout and a gruff “Hello” upon unexpectedly encountering Miss Lazar perhaps speaks volumes of her, soon to be apparent, just-committed misdeeds.

Could it be that this woman’s purpose was to lay the ground-work for the fulfillment of her friends’ wishes to either acquire Miss Lazar’s child or ensure she’s taken away, somehow? This woman, with whom Miss Lazar has nothing but a passing acquaintance, is not a family-member, or teacher of any of the parties involved in the minor issue being queried. Nor is she a direct witness to the event, save for any hear-say gossip she might have gleaned from Sheri’s teacher, or any other source. Therefore, her contribution to the proceedings can only be generously described as questionable, and sinister. Could it really be that this minor incident which took place AT THE SCHOOL is somehow being twisted into an excuse to take a woman’s child?

This woman’s contribution, however, became blatantly apparent when Miss Lazar was subject to a hostile interrogation by both the afore-mentioned school officials.

On Mrs. Dison’s departure from her office, the councilor saw Miss Lazar talking with the child and asked her to step in for an explanation of what had happened to the child AT THE SCHOOL. Less than five minutes were spent on this topic, and the better part of half an hour spent castigating Miss Lazar for allowing her child to be transported home too late from school (ie by a reputable teacher of the said school, in an arrangement between that teacher and the child’s father with whom the child lives). For this scenario, over which Miss Lazar has no direct control, the councilor Miss Paurette Ellison accused Miss Lazar of being negligent, and suggested that for this reason it might be best for them to place the child in a government home for abused and delinquent children.

This, bye-the-way, would – by pure coincidence, perhaps – conform to the wishes of Miss Lazar’s relentlessly scheming ‘sisters’ who could then, perhaps, offer themselves as concerned, caring, and ideal foster parents. In this context, Mrs. Noma Dison’s role becomes patently apparent. The famous “Cinderella” story pales in comparison to this one.

Shockingly, Miss Lazar was also threatened with arrest. Constable Gren barefacedly told her that in response to their (impertinent) questions, the child had disclosed what she’d heard of the general area in which her mother resides, they now wanted her exact address. Miss Lazar was adamant in her refusal since they could supply no legitimate reason for wanting it. In a question that answered itself, Cons. Gren asked whether Miss Lazar thought they would pass-on her address to others. “Yes” was the reply. “What if I arrest you?” countered Gren, “You’d still not be getting it” Miss Lazar retorted. If this is not a blatant abuse of their positions by Ellison, Gren, and Dison, then perhaps I'm incapable of imagining what is.

Nevertheless, what could be equally sinister, is their clandestine use of delaying tactics to facilitate the obviously unnecessary ‘meeting’ between Miss Lazar, the councilor, and the child’s father which both the latter where so insistent on from the very beginning. Miss Ellison told Miss Lazar that she was taking a break, but that she should stick around as she wanted to talk to her further. As it turned out, that ‘talk’ was just to put Miss Lazar at ease, elicit further info irrelevant to the (dead) issue at hand, and most likely stall for time until Mr. Atkins’ arrival. Miss Lazar left very shortly after the arrival of this man who’d never been to his daughter’s school except on the two occasions he was instructed to do so by his puppeteers (Miss Lazar’s ‘sisters’) – once, when they falsely told him the child was seriously ill, and the previous day when they informed him she was sexually molested and raped.

This man had absolutely no apparent reason to leave work and return on this day at this time after realizing from the previous day that the matter was relatively trivial. When one recalls that in his phone-call to me his first priority was to entice Miss Lazar into just such a ‘meeting’ – and when one also considers that this was also the councilor’s main priority in her 'phone-conversation(s) with Miss Lazar – one can’t help but to wonder whether a clandestine criterion had been accomplished by this underhandedly facilitated ‘meeting’.

If, for example, one of the school’s criteria for a councilor to recommend placement of a child into a government home is that both parents meet with said councilor, then this certainly will have been achieved, if only on paper. Miss Lazar’s prior depicting of the child’s father as irresponsible (true) and also that she is unemployed (false) would not have been in her best interest either, if their motives are as nefarious as they seem. Her subsequent call on Friday to the councilor correcting that false statement, and her explanation consistent with her definite need to keep her personal info away from those who would seek to use it to her detriment, may or may not have been noted in any file this councilor is no doubt building.

In the circumstances, Miss Lazar and I humbly request your assistance in fighting this injustice that seems to be in the making. Also, we’d deeply appreciate any assistance in transferring (for obvious reasons) Sheri to another school such as Excesior Primary, or a near-by alternative, as this is the major obstacle to our taking the child from a father who certainly doesn’t want her. (This man once faked his death, and got his woman to insist upon us coming to take the child, or else).

It is very heart-rending to see a mother pine after her only child which she so dearly loves. Indeed it’s urgent that Sheri be transferred as soon as this Easter term as one can never tell what next these people will fabricate, or more importantly, how far they’ll push this current charade. Any assistance along the lines of restraining orders, perhaps against the father, Nueville Atkins, and certainly against Paneyla 'Pansi' Chen and Wilma Swimby would certainly be appreciated, and can be reasonably considered an absolute necessity. The fate of Ellison, Gren, and Dison we leave to your discretion.

As for the original incident, it is as follows:

On the afternoon of Friday the 5th of March 2010, 10 year-old Sheri was at play with a classmate AT THE SCHOOL. At one stage he (the little 10y.o. boy) kissed her and put his hand onto her leg, beneath her dress, but not as far as her private parts. Sheri ran away from this little boy. That's it.

On Monday (8th) she told another classmate about it, and that classmate passed it on to the teacher from where it got to Mrs. Noma Dison who relayed it to the ‘sisters’, Pansi Chen and Wilma Swimby, from whence it mischievously grew into allegations of sexual molestation & rape, necessitating a ‘meeting’ with Miss Lazar. This was fed to the worthless worm for him to frighten Miss Lazar into dancing to their tune (a formula with which we’re only too familiar). And from there it was skillfully manipulated into threats of arrest and/or placement of the child into a government home for abused and delinquent children.

Please help us.

By the way, up to this moment no mention was ever made of the fact that on Tuesday (9th), Sheri was kicked twice AT THE SCHOOL in PE class by the same little boy who also stuck a ruler under her throat, accused her of telling lies, and promised to kill her. He was spanked by their class teacher for it. Yet the councilor on Thursday never saw fit to mention this to Miss Lazar. Nor have the parents of this little tyrant been even spoken to, even though the boy lives within a stone’s throw of the school.

Indeed, the focus was all about threatening, traumatizing, and terrorizing the formerly adopted Cindra Lazzar, and fishing for an opening thru which to steal another woman's child - a charade commandeered and orchestrated by by the two demented souls, Pansi Chen & Wilma Swimby, aided and abetted by their former sister-in-law, a dead-beat 'dad', and two corrupt school-officials.

Thanks for your indulgence.



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