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How To Get Knots Out Of Your Child's Hair Without Screams

Updated on June 18, 2013

You Child Has Long, Fine and Thick Hair And You Have All The Components For Knots

When my daughter Jessica was born she had a cross between my fine hair and my husband's thick wavy hair. She also had an incredible ability to grow it very long. By the time she was 3 her hair dangled down to her lower back and she was not happy when it came time to take care of it. She also had an intense fear of face being wet. When it came to shampoo time it was very difficult to convince her to get into the tub. Normally she liked bath time except on shampoo days.

It was a fight, but taking steps to eliminate her fear and get the knots out of her hair painlessly was worth all the time and trouble.

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Basic Do's And Don't Of Tangles

Do keep your child's hair trimmed. This is important as split ends and frays can wrap around other hair and be the cause of knots.

Do use a detangler Spray.

Do use conditioner and rinse well.

Do Not use a soft bristle brush. The bristels on the brush should have some give, but be stiff enough to move the hair.

Do section off the hair and work around as the hair begins to detangle.

Do keep the hair moist, but not overly wet.

Do use a wide tooth comb and start combing on the ends. Work your way to the the scalp.

Do Not pull or show frustration. There is nothing that you can do to make the situation worse than get frustrated and grab the comb. Put on some distracting music and a TV show that will increase your child's attention to sitting.

Remington Tangle Tamer Wet/Dry - Cord or Cordless Convenience W/ On/off Switch - This takes the knots right out

This tool has been around for over 40 years and I am surprised it isn't more well known in the parenting community. I had one as a child and sometimes it was the only way I would get the knots out of my hair. It vibrates and the comb moves back and forth rapidly. You can actually place it on a knot and it will get it right out. The one I had as a child lasted until I was in my upper teens and then died. I never saw it in stores and it wasn't until my third child that I found it again. I had always wanted another one and thank goodness I found it.

When you have a 3 year old with hair reaching her behind it's a real challenge and so the electric comb became our savior.

During shampooing we always had to give my daughter a dry towel to cover her face. This gave her security that we would not drown her. We played counting games with the buckets of water. We would guess how many buckets it would take to get the soap out or give her M&Ms who's number equaled the number of buckets of water she would have dumped on her head without screaming. This really helped a lot.

Once we were finished we gave her towel time. We didn't comb out her hair immediatly as really wet hair was harder to comb. We sprayed the detangling spray into her hair and gave her 20 minutes of sitting with the towel on her head. She liked this because she hated being shampooed almost as much as she hated having her hair combed.

Remington DT7432 Wet or Dry Tame The Mane Electric Detangling Brush with Brush Cover, Adults & Kids, (Batteries Included)
Remington DT7432 Wet or Dry Tame The Mane Electric Detangling Brush with Brush Cover, Adults & Kids, (Batteries Included)

My daughter would stress until she saw we had the electric comb. After seeing it she knew it would not hurt and the tangles would be gone in only a few moments. There were times she would beg to see the comb was out and in place before she would even get into the tub.


Original Sprout 12 oz Miracle Detangler

This detangler works really well and is void of harmful chemicals. It is approved for infant hair and older.

12oz, Contains no added hormones, disrupters, parabens, petroleum oils

free of phthalates, dioxanes, sulfates formaldehyde and propylene glycol

Revlon RV2513 Color Swirl Detangling Comb, Colors may vary

Here is an example of the wide tooth comb.

Biggest Hair KNOT! How to get a HAIR KNOT out of your hair!

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      katiecolette 4 years ago

      Thank you for your recommendations. I have never heard of the electric comb.

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      Hairstylist APPROVED!!!!