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How to Spot Your Child’s Hidden Talents

Updated on January 25, 2016
Discovering a child's talents is one of the main goals of each parent
Discovering a child's talents is one of the main goals of each parent

All children are talented, but not all the parents suspect that. This is because adults do not know how to spot their kids’ hidden talents and contribute to their development. Actually, helping your child reveal the talents and abilities that are not that obvious is not difficult. You just have to watch the way your kid behaves, the things he/she is fond of, the inclinations he/she has etc. This means that your attitude and desire to find out the talents of your son or daughter play a great role here. It does not really matter how busy parents are at work or at home. If you really wish to reveal your child’s talents, you have to be in close contact with your kid to learn his/her genuine interests and abilities.

It is not a secret that parents often try to make their children reach the goals they have not managed to achieve in their lives. They believe that this will make their kids more successful and happy in future and they don’t even try to inquire about the actual interests and hobbies of their children. This behaviour is inadmissible and can ruin a child’s future in some cases. If you wish to prevent that and are really encouraged to make the future of your child happy, pay attention to the following recommendations. They may help you reveal the hidden talents of your kids.

1. Your Child Is Unique. Remember That.

Each child is a personality. It doesn’t matter a lot whether you son or daughter is 6 months, 3 years or 15 years old. He/she has individual traits of character and inborn abilities and your task is to help your kid discover them. Experts say that each child is unique and has the talents that can make him/her successful in future. If this does not happen, this just means that the parents of a child did not pay the required attention to him/her for some reasons and overlooked the hidden talents.

2. Don’t Impose Your Point of View

Did you wish to become a famous artist when your were a kid? Were you interested in football? Or, maybe, you dreamt of becoming a world-popular singer? It does not matter what YOU wanted to achieve in the past. It is important to realize what YOUR CHILD dreams about. Unfortunately, adults often fail to realize that and try to impose their personal points of view on their children. This does not bring any positive results, because it is close to impossible to make you son or daughter be fond of the activity he/she is not interested in. You can’t just buy a colouring book for your 2-year old kid and force your child to color it if he/she does not like to do that. Well, your son or daughter will try drawing something for several minutes, but he/she will soon lose the interest. However, if you inquire what pastime occupation he/she prefers, you may hear the most unexpected things. Just give it a try!

Spend much time with your kid to spot his/her talents
Spend much time with your kid to spot his/her talents

3. Spend As Much Time With Your Kid As Possible

The best way to discover your child’s talents and abilities is to devote much time to him/her. If you kid is little and does not attend a kindergarten yet, you should use any opportunity to spend time with him/her. Offer your son or daughter different activities and materials to find out what exactly he/she is interested in. Thus, you can walk in the park watching the way the nature changes from one season to another, or just spend time drawing, modeling planes, designing pictures, assembling puzzles, making up stories, playing table games and what not. Just try doing that and you will be surprised to find out how talented your child is! Good luck!

How do you spot your child's talents?

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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      2 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      My wife and I allow our child to express herself in many different ways. Whether it is through verbal discussions, art, movement, singing etc., our daughter is free to let her imagination flow. Of course she has preferences and this is how we discovered her talents and interests. She loves reading and making stories, drawing and writing, dancing and singing. And each interest we allow to develop and become part of her life.


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