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How To Use Playtex Drop Ins Liners

Updated on January 23, 2012

The Playtex Drop-Ins System is a range of baby bottles and accessories that has been developed by Playtex to create an experience that mimics breast-feeding, and also eliminates the need to wash the inside bottom of baby bottles. The liner makes a disposable bottle, similar to a disposable cup.

Clinical studies have shown that this drop-in system reduces spit-up, gas and colic in babies. This is achieved through the use of a liner, which can be collapsed and formed to fit the liquid contents during feeding, thus creating a system which allows for air-free feeding, in a similar way to feeding from a breast.

It also promotes the baby latching-on to the bottle in a similar way that they would to the breast, if used with the proper nipples. Because of this, the system is different from a typical bottle, but it is easy to use.

Playtex Drop Ins: How To Use

Step One: Insert a new Drop-In liner into the bottle. The design of the liner means that it will rest easily inside the bottle, with the outer lip resting on the top of the bottle.

Step Two: Once the liner is inserted into the bottle, it should be filled (with formula or breast milk) to the level that is desired. The level can be determined by looking at the markings on either the container itself or the liner. For example, you can fill it up to 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, etc.

Step Three: Place the nipple of the bottle firmly in the bottle ring, pushing it in securely until it is fully sealed. One the nipple is secured; screw the retainer ring tightly on the bottle.

Step Four: Squeeze the bottom of the liner until all air is expelled. Continue to apply pressure until a little formula leaves the nipple. This is the part that helps to reduce gas and colic.

Step Five: How do you heat up baby formula with Playtex drop ins? : Simply Hold the bottle in hot running water, or rest it in warm water until the formula is sufficiently warm.

It is important to watch any sharp objects around the liner, as they can puncture it and prevent the system from functioning properly. This is generally not a problem, because the liners come in a protective box, and are then protected by the bottle itself.

When done, simply throw out the old liner, and put in a new liner. It's like using a disposable cup. There is no bottom of the bottle to wash. It is important to wash the nipple, however, this makes the cleaning experience much simpler and easier, in addition to helping the baby to feel better and have less gas.

Playtex offers a BPA-Free starter set which contains five different bottles, two eight-ounce bottles and three four-ounce ones, a total of 30 liners, 15 for each bottle type, and 11 silicone nipples. Additionally, there are a number of components for storing breast milk, as the system can be use either with formula or breast milk. These components include a liner ring, two sealing disks, two nipple rings and a pump-adaptor ring. The storage system allows for breast milk to be pumped, stored and fed to the baby without having to transfer from one bottle or liner to another.

There are a number of different types of nipples that can be used that change the way in which the baby feeds. There are four main types, slow, medium, fast and the Y-cut. The slow-flow is perfect for newborns, while the Y-cut can be used for babies who are beginning to switch between the bottle and breastfeeding, and also is useful for other thicker liquids such as cereal.

For my baby, I use the Drop In Liners with the Playtex Ventaire Advanced, Wide Base, Natural Shape, Slow Flow Nipples. It is perfect. He used this same nipple from newborn until over two years old. I also breastfed him often, for two years, and he transitions easily with this product.

There are many different types of bottles that are offered in the Playtex Drop-ins range, designed for different needs and preferences. This range is extremely variable, and offers a bottle feeding option that is much more similar to breastfeeding than most conventional alternatives. The system of disposable liners makes cleaning easy, and allows for a unique system that helps prevent colic.


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