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What's the Difference Between Friendship and Love?

Updated on December 26, 2017
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What is the difference between Friendship and Love is a question that has been pondered over for many years? Although a definitive answer has not been given to this question, there are some differences between the two. Friendship and Love are two different terms, but can be related to each other. Love is a warm feeling that brings emotional attachment towards a person in which only two individuals are involved.

While love can be categorized as a disadvantage and has a higher potential for distress, friendship can be regarded as a dependence and a relationship that consist of mutual acceptance. Love is a sensation that is uncontrollable, and a feeling which one has for another person. On the other hand, friendship is relatively different from love in this perspective.

Friendship is voluntarily closeness in which an individual always tries to be there for the need that ensures the social relationship between two or more persons. An individual can have many friends where a person has one person they genuinely love. Most people know the feeling of affection and solicitude towards an individual, but do not understand how to distinguish the difference between friendship and Love. Although friendship and Love can bring about confusion while explaining the two, it is a thin line that separates love from friendship or friendship from love.

Love is an unbelievable feeling between two individuals, and only two persons are taking part. On the contrary, friendship is long-term and requires a lot more than two individuals. A person can have many friends, but an individual can only truly love one person.

In love, two people have an incredible connection with each other. And one person might lie awake thinking of the other most of the night because he or she misses the other person. Also, sometimes one person might get his or her heart broken by love, but no attachment runs that deep in friendship.

A friend will always be there for another while a lover will give up everything just to be with another. A friend will wait for another for many hours before sharing complaints and ready to go while a partner will wait for another patiently for an eternity and not complain but worry with concern. Friendship and Love can sometimes give the same signals, but in reality, there are such very differences. The most significant difference is a friend thinks and share one day at a time with a friend while a lover thinks about each day, tomorrow and the future and think about planning the future with the one they love.

A friend is someone we can share our most precious thoughts with and feel we can always count on them during any emergency. Love is a real feeling share for only one person that blossom beautifully like a flower but never wilt. A friend can bring out the best in an individual, but a lover can bring out the best along with a mysterious side that helps dreams come faithful to reality. Friends come with a decision we can decide who we want as friends while love is so the difference we don’t always get to decide. Love can sneak up on an individual and bring about an order of function that one can’t always control. It’s an emotion that ultimately takes over one person and compels them to act and feel in a matter they may not have otherwise even thought of feeling or acting.

To sum things up Friendship and Love will remain to be confusing for generations to come, but to try to far clear up the two with friendship the individual involved will not have dreams in their eyes toward friendship. But two people in love will have dreams in their eyes, and when the winds of change blow painfully hard, the bonds will remain. If one has taken the time to think of the difference between friendships and love Indeed, there is no comparison between the two.

The Difference Between Love and Friendship

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The Different Between Love and Friendship

Relationship between love and friendship

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