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Tips on how to avoid Diaper Rash

Updated on July 23, 2009

tips on how to avoid diaper rash

Some best tips to deal with Diaper Rash in babies.

In today’s world we always concerned not only about “me” but in general everyone in a family. These issues keep running in the family for days, months or years. The most common problems related to diaper rash in infants is on a day to day basis.

Especially, if you are a young mother, getting ill is a common thing to happen in children. Let us start with infants Diaper rash is a often persistent problem

Although diaper rash cannot always be prevented, prompt treatment will keep soreness to a minimum and prevent a lot of discomfort for the baby. So the best way to take care of diaper rash in infants is to soothe the skin as soon as possible.

The irritation of their soft sensitive skin is hard to avoid when diapers are constantly becoming wet. But by knowing how diaper rash occurs and what can aggravate this common condition, measures can be taken to insure that it never becomes a serious problem.

Causes – What is the reason behind this.

The most common form of diaper rash is called ammoniacal dermatitis, and is a direct result of the chemical breakdown of urine by bacteria in the feces. The alkaline produced by this process has a burning effect on a baby’s soft skin. However, babies fed on formula milk may be prone to ammoniacal dermatisis as their stools are more alkaline than those being fed on breast milk.

Rough, hard diapers that rub against the skin, making it sore and less resilient to the harsh effects of ammonia, can trigger a bout of diaper rash. Avoiding plastic pants during this time can help in the treatment quickly.

Home treatment for diaper rash

q Always keep the baby’s bottom clean at intervals of 1 hr max, application of zinc or castor oil cream should be applied before putting on a clean diaper.

q Leave the baby without diaper or plastic pants for sometime during the day so that it will help the evaporation of moisture and aid healing.

q Washable diapers are most preferable in a rash situation. They can be padded with more thickness wherever applicable. While using washable diapers they should be washed, rinsed and sterilized since detergents leave a trace on clothes while washing. Sometimes, these hard detergents can cause damage to the delicate skin.

q If a rash persists and does not seen to be getting any better, consult a doctor.



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    • LondonGirl profile image


      10 years ago from London

      Nappy rash is horrible - I was lucky, my son only had it a couple of times.

      Sudocreme is great, it really helps banish it.

    • Lgali profile image


      10 years ago

      good advice


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