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Colic for Infant and Newborn Colic

Updated on April 25, 2017

iBaba contains proven ingredients in a homeopathic formulation that is soothing, helpful and safe for even newborns. But, it is good to check with a doctor who supports homeopathic treatments.

When your baby has gas and is fretful, iBaba is a solution to help your baby be peaceful. When the tummy hurts, give iBaba a try and see if it works. It worked for my little girl. I was so relieved.

Choosing remedies for baby’s and newborns can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. For me, coming to terms with using homeopathic remedies is a wise and scientifically proven solution that any mother.

My feeling is why not want the best for my child. iBaba contains only homeopathic ingredients. Chamomilla (6C) is a recognized homeopathic remedy for both infant colic and teething. Mag. Phos (6C) is an effective and tender homeopathic painkiller and is regularly recommended to easily and safely treat cramping pain. What is so wonderful about this homeopathic painkiller is that it is suitable for all ages including babies and newborns.

I have found that homeopathic remedies are effective because they strengthen the child’s body to heal itself in a natural way without artificial colors or preservatives.

Help your baby or newborn feel better quickly, effectively and safely by using iBaba homeopathic remedy. Your baby will feel much better, you will feel much better and both of you will get a good night’s sleep


How safe is iBaba to use?

I looked into this product and found that iBaba is recommended by doctors because it contains no alcohol or artificial ingredients, unlike other colic remedies. It is important to follow the directions for the safest and best results.

How does iBaba work?

At the first signs of colic, take a pinch of granules and allow them to dissolve on the baby’s tongue for quick relief. Improvement should be noticeable within 5 to 10 minutes.

One or two doses is usually all that is needed. If necessary, iBaba can be repeated every 20 minutes after each dose for up to 10 doses.

Does iBaba Colic Formula have any side effects that should concern parents?

Nope. iBaba does not have any side effects because it is 100% natural and homeopathic. iBaba Formula has a high safety profile and in the main is very well tolerated without any side effects. The formula is designed to be safe and effective for even newborns.

Great Book for New Mothers

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Another Great Natural Remedy

I massaged my baby often while her body was growing, and she never had colic after and was a happy baby.


Massage Works Wonders


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