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in a business of marriage

Updated on August 2, 2015

One Great Business with no Attendant

The decline in this divine obligation is drawing man closer to extension than any other disaster the world could imagine. Nations and race are beginning to narrow-up the most vital aspect of life that in no distant time we would all begin to groan in an untold pain.
Marriage is God's business stolen by the juries deciding whether it works or not. No tribe or race is better of in this mess, all are selfish and those in the deal are more selfish now than ever. Some people are notorious enough to allow the man to have the upper hand while the supposed civilized world are whole lot more retrogressive to make the man nothing but a duty bound slave in the show.
Many are marrying today for the end result not the input. None is ever desiring to build but everyone wants to reap. Marriage is the world most valuable asset handed down to man by God but we threw him through the window and assume the me and legal approach. Since then nothing had been so pathetic as this.
Marriage is the sweetest thing anyone would dream of because it is God's gift to man but legality and common sense has bastardized this. It is now a money spinning venture to the civilized and to the uncivilized a true display of masculine rascality. All are the same either civil or none both are insane.
Marriage is God's business and none could do it better than him. The legal nor the traditionalist all are nothing but clueless bunch leading the unsuspecting to committing an unforgivable crime. Brutality as well as divorce is unacceptible by God and all who got indulged or abated it are all culpable. No one is free to divorce but you are not under obligation to get married if you chose not to but if ever you got married you are condemned to stay married.
Prayer is God first and only approved approach to marriage. Maintain a relationship with him and then tell him what you ever dream of in your spouse and watch him do the search for you. The mistake we make is doing the search all alone then commit a priest to cement the unbondable. God is still the owner of marriage so none to do it better.


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