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In General

Updated on March 1, 2016

What happened to my teen?

What happened to him or her? Why is my teenager so agrivated or depressed? Have you ever thinked to dig a little deeper in their mind upto when they were a child? That sweet and innocent boy or girl that whent bad. Depression is an ugly thing and when it is not treated there can be a huge worry to what will happen next. The teen locks him or herself in te room, goes toe bed to early, doesn't want to go to school, not eating(that's when a eating disorder starts) and not speaking to any one. Depression is like a really bad medical disorder that must be treated by a doctor. No normal person can treat such thing. The bad news is that if untreated the teen wil comit suicide, because he or she is feeling unwanted and unloved. I know this because I have exsperiance first hand about depression. It is not be taken lightly. If you see any the above symptoms, my advice... take him or her to see a doctor.


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