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Indian parents : views on physical education.

Updated on April 10, 2017

About my own life

This article is based on my personel observations about indian parents and their reactions when they face a embarrasing situation. Being an indian i would talk about mothersin my country. When i was a kid , i used to obey my parents follow their instructions, never denied their dicisions . In short i was an ideal son, who didn't have a personel life.
when i grew up.. I started taking decisions, my needs also grew up and i wanted some space. But my mother was still not ready for that. She disliked my behaviour. I also get to know that now everything i do, cant be explained to my mother. I started hiding things. It made my mom more uncomfortable. Her behaviour changed . She started doubting on me. As a result i started to rarely talk her about my schools. Now when i became adult, i felt some Major changes In my body. I coudnt talk about it. And all i get to know was the irrelevant knowledge from my friends about sex and other things.

wrong things which happens

The most useful dicisions and advises are given by a parent always. But what if they dont exactly know what is the problem. It is the common process in indian families. Parents talk to their child about everything excdpting sex. It causes a very big problems in the life of their children. Internet articles, videos, and usually friends circle can give a little knowledge, but when it comes to the practical knlwledge, a mature explaination is always needed.

In my country that is india... Somethi g is widely differ from the other countries, here talks about sex or physical relations, even the studies related to human body is seen as a dirty topic. In other countries people talk about it with their mother and father, but in india if a kid asks something personal to the parent. He/she is assumed to be an ill mannered kid. And it is taught to him that these questions are never to be asked by him.. Untill he becomes a mature . And for parents, their child is never gets mature.

So as a result he/ she keeps half knowledge about sex. And when he is in his age of attraction tkwards anyone. He just see the things he has learnt from their friends whuch is commonly not related to reality.

And when something unexpected happens, everyone starts fighting with the co victim and blames that it is due to manipulation from others. Noone thinks that the fault was from the knowledge of the bog and the girl. If they had taught them, about the reality of the sex. It could be less harmful.

are you one of them?

what will you do if u spot your daughter, with your friend's son going to a private place?

  • 0% you will immediately call her and wait if she tell you the reality or rries to manipulate u.
  • 0% you will pull her to home and will talk to her in a propper manner.
  • 0% you will call police blaming that the boy is manipulating your daughter.
  • 0% you will let them with u and call his parents to cone and to solve this.
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