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Indigos and Crystals

Updated on June 18, 2017

Indigos are here to pave the way for cystals. they are here to demolish systems that no longer work like government, educational, and legal systems. They are very tempermental which is necessary for what their purpose is. They dont respond to guilt discipline (dont make me come back there or wait til your mother heres about this) They feel like they deserve to be here, like they are royalty. Yhey can't do certain thing like wait in line at the store be told that things have to be this way but this comes from there problem with authority. They see a better way of doing things, they may seem anti-social unless they are with there own kind. They are often called ADD or ADHD but should not be medicated becuase they can't do what they are here to do on meds. They are highly intuitive and feel a strong need to help others. They tend to be strong willed and are usually in the ages 8 to30

Crystals have big eyes that seem wise beyond their years. This is the first thing people tend to notice about them, calling out, "OH THOSE EYES!" They are really loving and caring. They love to cuddle and bond well with animals. They often prefer vegetarian meals and will talk about angels, spirits and past lifes. They start talking later in life ages 3-4. They are telepathic and create there own form of sign language but the parents can always understand them. Crystals may seem fearless, they like to climb trees or jump off of high places but have a good sense of balance. They are artistic and have healing abilities. Some may be diagnosed with autism and ADD but also should not be medicated. They're very forgiving people they seem to know others fear like they can read what's in your head or heart and are mostly ages 0-8


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