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Family Play - Learn Together, Grow Together

Updated on September 11, 2012

Indoor Play at Home Doesn't Have to be Boring for Adults

As a matter of fact, the more fun you make "kid play" for the adults, the more fun it will be for the kids too. Kids LOVE IT when adults are having fun with them. And let's face it, isn't play just an excuse for everyone to have fun? Not to mention, an opportunity for children to absorb enthusiasm, cooperation and flexibility from their parents?

Incorporate Your Interests into Kid Play

If you enjoy making scrapbooks, help your kids scrapbook everything they can find about a toy they want (before you actually buy it) to enhance the anticipation and give them something productive to do while being patient.

Family Game Night is Just the Beginning

Family game night is wonderful for bonding. But it doesn't have to end there! Get kids to help prepare family game night snacks, or help your children invent their own board game. Kids can create their own rules or even just make questions for a board game.

Following Lego Instructions is Just the Beginning!

Legos Build Engineers, Inventors, and Entreprenuers!

Legos have the potential for endless hours of play. Building from instructions teaches children to follow steps, and develop the engineering skills they need to make their own creations. But that's just the start. From there, kids can learn to modify bricks with tools (such as a dremel) for more complex modification-builds. That teaches kids to think outside the box. Children can also be encouraged to document their custom builds to help others learn how to make their creations, or to start a business selling a Lego build they made to help support their Lego hobby.

Read Together, Make Custom Story Books Together

And if you enjoy writing or scrapbooking consider making picture story books with your children.

I love hearing from other families that play together, how they're doing it, and how they keep everyone interested in participating in family play. I know it's hard to keep all ages interested in one group activity so when it works, please share!!

What are your favorite family activities? - What works in your house?

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