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International Adoption Baby Registry Suggestions

Updated on September 27, 2013

Going Across the World to Grow Your Family

Some parents get the opportunity to show just how much they want to grow their family by traveling halfway across the world!

International Adoption can be grueling, heart-breaking, emotionally exhausting, hopeful, hopeless, adventurous, exciting and victorious. When that final call comes through, when that last paper is signed, and when you plant your feet back on home soil, you breathe a sigh of relief. It's all over!

Well actually, no. You're just beginning! Now you're a mommy and daddy, and you already proved what you would do for your new love, but now you want a special place for your little treasure.

Some families want to honor the heritage of their international baby, and the nursery will reflect that. Other parents would like to bring up baby surrounded by the symbols of their new home and family.

If you are the lucky parents, or the friends of an International Adoption couple, then you will want some great ideas to bless the new baby with love and friendship.

Bringing Home Your New Baby

The Baseline List of What You Need: Your First Tier

Wherever your baby hails from, there are certain items that are non-negotiable! Some things you just gotta have, because it's going to give your baby her best chance at comfort, safety and health.

Diapers: Disposable or cloth. There are many benefits to both! I had six babies in diapers (not at once!) and used disposable for some and cloth for some. Disposables are so easy, convenient, and with new materials available, comfortable for baby too. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly, soft and absorbent, and appeal to those concerned about landfills. There are many too-cute diaper covers available for cloth-diaper users as well.

Baby Blanket: Thin baby blankets are perfect for swaddling up your new baby. You will need a nice size so that you can wrap your baby up like a burrito and swaddle him tight. Swaddling your baby helps him sleep and feel safe.

Thermometer: Brand new babies must not get fevers above 101 degrees. Because of the nature of International Adoption, you may not get your baby as a new infant. Nevertheless, a thermometer is a must have so that you can monitor your baby's health if your baby seems over-heated or lethargic.

Three Must Haves for Any Baby - Just the Basics

The Second Tier of Things You Need for Your New Baby

After Your Baseline List, You Need...

These items are the next level of essential for your new baby, no matter how old your baby is. You will want to have these on hand pretty much as soon as you bring your baby home.

1) Pacifier: not all babies will take them, but you never know when a passy can save the day! One of our babies refused a pacifier, but on one unforgettable roadtrip, when nothing else worked, he took a pacifier for thirty minutes! It was a blessed thirty minutes, let me tell you.

2) Baby Sling: These are not just for mommies. Both moms and dads can use a baby sling or baby carrier to keep baby close. In adoption cases, it is even more important to keep the baby close, so she can bond with you and learn your smell. Walking around with mom and dad is very soothing to baby, and she will take naps this way too.

3) Diaper Rash Cream: This is something you may not need for a while, but it's terrible when you discover you need it, and you don't already have it in your cupboard or first aid kit!

Come Here for Your Second Tier - These Are Pretty Important to Have on Hand

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Giraffe
WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Giraffe

Look at this cute one! It would be difficult to lose this passy when it's attached to an adorable giraffe!

DESITIN Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Paste 4 oz ( Pack of 2)
DESITIN Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Paste 4 oz ( Pack of 2)

This stuff works like magic, and I'm not even exaggerating. Baby nursery MUST HAVE.


Baby's New Home: The Third Tier

This is the Squealing Fun Part to Shop For!

Making up baby's nursery is so fun! You get to choose colors, patterns, styles, textures and more! You could spend hours poring over Pinterest at the beautiful nurseries people have designed and shared. That's great for inspiration and fun to do. The trick is to decide which direction you are going for baby's decor. Do you want muted soft tones of color for a soothing room, or do you want something vibrant that reflects your joy at being parents? Maybe you want a neutral style that will be suitable for more children, or maybe you want to celebrate your baby's native country. The thing is to just have fun with it! Baby is safe with you now, and will feel your love no matter what style you choose.

Crib: Shop for the best choice for you. There are smaller cribs for newer babies and those are also perfect for small rooms, or if you're sharing your room. Don't skimp on the crib! Make sure the bars meet safety standards, and get a nice firm mattress.

Bedding: Fitted sheet and a bumper pad are all that is necessary. Control the temperature of the room so that your swaddling blanket is all you need. Remember that pillows and cute stuffed animals should not be in the crib with your new baby, unless they are old enough to be able to roll and sit up.

Lighting: Overhead lighting is convenient, but bedside lighting might be more in keeping with what you need for nighttime visits. You can use a dimmer bulb and keep the mood of the room sleepy.

Baby's Little Nest - Make it a Little Piece of Heaven

Baby's nursery is a peaceful room. A place for sleeping, cooing, diaper changing, nursing. What did you choose for decor? Let's pretend your baby is from Africa, and you want to reflect the beautiful savannah in baby's room. Whatever style you decide on, your baby will love it, because it was a gift from you!

Glenna Jean Cape Town 4 Pc Set
Glenna Jean Cape Town 4 Pc Set

This is the most charming set I've ever seen. The colors are muted, but the stylized art is charming and sweet.

Musical Mobile for African Safari Baby Bedding Set By Sisi
Musical Mobile for African Safari Baby Bedding Set By Sisi

Lions and tigers and bears, oh baby! Mobiles give baby something to look at when she first wakes up.


By the Sea - Play Ocean Waves for a Soothing Background in This Room

Let's pretend you live in a coastal town, and the beach and ocean are the order of the day. Surround your baby with the things that you love. It won't be long, and you'll be taking baby to the beach to play with sand toys and collect shells!

GEENNY Boutique Crib Bedding Set, Sea Turtle, 13 Piece
GEENNY Boutique Crib Bedding Set, Sea Turtle, 13 Piece

Your baby is cuter than these sweet little sea turtles!

FunToSee Undersea Adventure Nursery and Bedroom Make-Over Decal Kit, Underwater
FunToSee Undersea Adventure Nursery and Bedroom Make-Over Decal Kit, Underwater

Change up the look of your pastel blue walls with these easy decals.

Flensted Mobiles Dinghy Regatta/5 Hanging Mobile - 26 Inches Beech Wood
Flensted Mobiles Dinghy Regatta/5 Hanging Mobile - 26 Inches Beech Wood

This will enchant your little sweetheart both night and day.


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