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iPhone Holders For Strollers - Smartphone Stroller Mounts and Stands

Updated on July 22, 2014

An iPhone holder for your stroller lets you keep your cell phone in easy reach whilst leaving your hands free to push the pram and care for your child. Rather than leaving your phone jostling around inside the cup holder, or stuffed down "somewhere" inside the diaper bag, iPhone mounts for strollers let you keep your mobile phone safe at hand right where you can see it at all times.

Anyone who has watched in dismay as their cell phone drops out of the stroller's cup holder onto the floor or struggled to juggle baby business with a phone tucked under their chin whilst wishing God gave them more hands to work with will appreciate the hands free joy of having a cell phone mount on a stroller. These days it's amazing strollers don't automatically come with a mobile phone holder attached to the stroller's handlebars but thankfully there are innovative companies out there who have got the backs of busy moms and dads around the world. A stroller iPhone mount bracket lets you talk hands free on the phone and more in a very convenient fashion.

The extra visibility and stability a stroller holder for iPhones and other smartphones affords you also lets you take advantage of the many features modern smartphones have whilst you are out and about with baby. No, I'm not suggesting you watch a movie or play Angry Birds whilst you are strolling along, but how about something like a language learning app, or a fitness app which uses the phone as a distance tracker and pedometer, or even a lullaby or two to help put baby to sleep? If you have a bar at the front or a tray which can take an iPhone clamp mount you can even use your phone to keep your child entertained during those more fussy moments.

Mounting an iPhone onto a stroller just makes sense when you think about it and the push bar or handles they all have make it easy to do so. The following are some examples and recommendations for some of the best reviewed mounts and holders for iPhones and other smartphones.

Choosing An iPhone Stroller Mount

Picking The Right Type For Your Needs

There are a couple of different options to choose between when searching for the best iPhone holder for a stroller. Actually, there are a lot of different products for sale which suit this requirement but they tend to fall into two different categories, those which clamp on to the handle of the stroller and those which utilize the cup holder in order to provide a secure mounting point. If your stroller doesn't have a cup holder in a good location then the only real option is to go with a stroller handlebar mount for iPhones and other cell phones and for many, this is the better option anyway as it means you do not have to give up the drinks holder which is useful in itself.

Like I said, there are a lot of products which fit both categories although both are often identified as something other than a cell phone holder for strollers. Any kind of cell phone mount which fits the iPhone model you use, whether that's one of the later iPhone 4, 4S or 5, or one of the earlier handsets and which has the capability to clamp onto a handlebar of a bike or fit in the cupholder of a car is liable to do the exact same job on your baby's stroller. With this in mind, here are some great options you can choose today to find the best cell phone mount or stand for mounting an iPhone onto a stroller.

iPhone Handle Mounts For Strollers

Whilst using a smartphone drink holder mount might be feasible for you, the different styles and locations of those on a stroller might make finding the right one a nuisance. For most, the best iPhone holder for a stroller, pushchair, buggy or pram (call it what you will) is going to be one which mounts directly onto the handle.

iPhone holders for stroller handles will work with any kind of handlebar your particular model happens to have whether it's the straight bar which runs across or the hooked two handle style seen on other styles of pushchairs. These basically work by clamping around the bar in some fashion to provide a secure mounting point so as long as your handle isn't especially weird in its design, you should be fine with one of these.

In fact, there are quite a large number of these to choose between because the same style of round bar mount is also used for bikes and exercise machines, boat rails and more aside from buggies and strollers. The only thing to really consider is the size of the caddy, whether it is big enough to fit your iPhone or versatile enough to adjust in size to accommodate wider or longer phones should you have more than one person who might want to use it or might want to switch phones later without having to switch to a new mount as well and whether the clamp is big enough to fit around the handlebar of your particular stroller as some are actually quite small, but we'll endeavor to avoid those here anyway in our recommendations.

So, with all that in mind, which are the best smartphone holders for strollers? Here are some recommendations of those which have been receiving good reviews from their owners.

Texthook Smartphone Holder
Texthook Smartphone Holder

Attaching a smartphone to the handlebars of a stroller or baby buggy is easy with the Texthook. It uses a base with a velcro strap to attach to the handlebars of most strollers including those from the top brands like Bugaboo, Maclaren, and Baby Jogger. In fact, unless your model has a particular thick or odd shaped handle, the Texthook should fit without problems.

The design makes it useful for more than just strollers too. So long as the place you are trying to attach it to has some form of bar to mount it onto then you can use the texthook there. Another example of where this works great is at the gym, where it will affix to treadmills, exercise bikes and ellptical machines and since it is so easy to put on and take off there's no reason not to use it in multiple places.

The ZHIP Stand with 3 Feet of Retractable Zip Cord for iPhone, iPod and All Other Smartphones
The ZHIP Stand with 3 Feet of Retractable Zip Cord for iPhone, iPod and All Other Smartphones

This innovative little gadget allows you to securely attach an iPhone to a stroller regardless of the size or shape of the push bar. In fact, the clever design allows it to attach to just about anything you can loop a cord around. The Zhip features a 3ft retractable zip cord which pulls out and firmly loops around things to allow you to mount your phone in a huge variety of ways. Some of the examples they give themselves are to mount your phone onto the back seat of a tray table on an airplane to break up dull flights, or to loop the cord around your headrest in the car provide back seat entertainment to keep your kids amused, or to loop it around kitchen cabinet handles to keep your mobile telephone off the work surface and so on.

As a child's stroller mount for iPhones it is easy to secure the zip line around the push bar to keep you phone handy whilst you walk without having to fumble around in your pockets or through your diaper bag when it rings or worrying about it jostling out of the cupholder. If your stroller features a bar or tray at the front you can also use it to mount your smartphone there as well to keep your child entertained during those more fussy moment we all 'love".

The Zhip smartphone holder works brilliantly as a pocket size iPhone stand as well. This is a folding iPhone holder which folds flat when not in use making it easy to slip into your pocket or purse. It also works as a desktop or table stand for iPhone 5 and older models, the foldable stand flips out to prop up an iPhone on a tabletop at a comfortable angle for viewing, and folds down when you're done with it.

The only issue which some may find to be a deal breaker with this smartphone stand for iPhones is that it only secures the device for viewing in landscape mode. Whilst this is typically the position you'd want to hold it in anyway for movies etc. there may be some applications where this is less desirable and if that's something which you know is going to be an issue for you then you should instead consider one of the other options on this page.


iPhone Cup Holder Mounts For Strollers

The nice thing about cup holder mounts for iPhones and other smartphones is that they are typically designed to fit most cup holders which makes them ideal for use in more places than just on a baby's pushchair. The same baby stroller cup holder mount for iPhone 5 will be just as useful mounted in your car's cup holder, or in the gym on a treadmill or exercise bike's cup holder, etc. and there are a couple of other advantages too.

Smartphone Cup Holder stands for iPhone 4S and other models typically put the cradle in which the device sits on some kind of adjustable gooseneck or swivel mount. This means when it comes to adjusting the height and angle for viewing the device better, or avoiding glare, they have something of an advantage over some of the clamp mounts on the market today.

iPhone stands for cup holders are however a little more on the bulky side when compared with the pocket or purse sized iPhone holder like the Zhip because the base is made to fill out the drink holder. There are a number of different products which fulfill this role on the market today although if you are going to buy one it is generally advisable to opt for one which fits multiple different devices as you never know when you are going to change phones or want to repurpose it for holding something like a GPS in the car, or MP3 player at the gym.

Why Buy Stroller Holders For iPhones Anyway?

Some reading this are probably envisioning mother's pushing their babies down the road playing Angry Birds on their phones or texting like crazy whilst their baby gets ignored. That's not the point of mounting a phone on a stroller at all, instead think of the many useful applications and functions iOS devices have and how these can be applied to walking in general.

For many the reason for buying a smartphone mount bracket for iPhone 5 and earlier models will simply be to hold the phone secure whilst keeping it in sight and available. It is easy to miss important phone calls when you are out and about with all the ambient background noise that the outside world brings with it so many people choose to put their cellular phone in the stroller's cup holder or elsewhere it is visible and more easily heard. The problem with that is it most stroller drink holders aren't designed for this and the phone gets easily bumped around, scratched and scuffed and can easily fall out and get damaged. A better alternative for these people is simply to get a cell phone mount and clamp the mounting bracket the the stroller's handlebars where it is both held secure and is in plain sight.

The more adventurous smartphone user will want to take advantage of some of the other features on their phone and access things like music and lullabies to entertain both themselves and their baby whilst they walk. There are also things like fitness apps which track distance and steps which are great but are better when you can see the iPhone display. Perhaps you're learning a new language and want to add some of that into your time spent out and about with baby when they're taking a nap, you can fire up your language learning app and get in some vocab training and once again, a stroller iPhone holder is an ideal accessory for this too.

There are numerous reasons why these iPhone bracket mounts for strollers are a useful accessory to own and those are just a few which are useful for Mom or Dad but what about entertaining the child too? Many iPhone holders for baby buggy and pushchairs are also idea for entertaining the child too if you have the kind of stroller which has a bar or tray to attach them to facing your child. You can also buy iPhone home button covers which will prevent your child pushing the button and changing the app you are using.

There are plenty of good reasons for using these devices to make life easier and in today's busy world when you often have your hands full, especially with young children to take care of, it just makes sense to make as much use of hands free devices like these as much as possible.

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