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iPotty for iPad: Kids' Potty that Holds an iPad

Updated on March 5, 2013

iPotty for iPad: A Parent's Best Friend?

Introducing the iPotty for iPad: if I need even further proof of how far the world has come since I was a little girl, the iPotty for iPad certainly fits the bill. This product is both a potty chair and a tablet holder in one. Simply plop your child on the chair while he's potty-training; the thought is that using the iPad while toilet training might help to encourage the child to sit on the potty longer, thereby ending the session in success.

Ingenious invention or the end of humanity? Time will tell. The iPotty for iPad is sure to make a splash this year (I wonder if we'll see the celebs using it?) can get in on the trend and order the iPotty for your little one now.

Image source: CNET

iPotty for iPad - For tech-savvy toddlers

iPotty for iPad
iPotty for iPad

Well, folks, there you have it. We are officially in the 21st century with the new iPotty for iPad, that was introduced at CES 2013. He sees Dad do it (maybe Mom, too)--why shouldn't he be allowed to read or play games (check Facebook, play Word with Friends etc.) while he uses his potty?

This fun, colorful potty does come equipped with a plastic sheet that fits over the device to protect it from unsanitary splashes. For the boys, there is a small, plastic slide-in piece for the front (read: pee guard) to help protect the surrounding areas from wayward sprays.

The lids closes on top of the potty to turn it into a chair, so even when potty training is done, he'll still have a place to fiddle with the iPad.

The best part? It all comes apart so you can wash it.

iPotty is FINALLY off Pre-Order and Ready to Ship!

Get your child potty trained *now*!

Will this new toddler must-have really help with toilet training? Will it get them to stay on the potty longer and have them associate it with "fun time"?

iPotty for iPad

iPotty for iPad: Reader Debate - Speak your mind about the iPotty!

I know everyone has an opinion on this; please share your thoughts.

What do you think about the iPotty for iPad?

It's cute, fun and worth checking out! I dig it.

It's cute, fun and worth checking out! I dig it.

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    • aishu19 4 years ago

      I wish they had this when my child was potty training..would have made it alot less stressful

    • pinoyrecipe 4 years ago

      it's cool to have one for my daughter, i love it!

    It's an atrocity that promotes lazy parenting for tech-obsessed kids.

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      No comments yet.

      Order the iPotty and make potty training fun!

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      Check out iPotty for iPad in action! - Genius invention? Or just too much?

      The iPotty for iPad was introduced at CES 2013, made especially for plugged-in toddlers.

      iPotty for iPad

      LNAngel's Bio

      iPotty for iPad is lens #96 for the author.

      Will You Consider Getting an iPotty for iPad? - What are your thoughts on the product?

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        • profile image

          anonymous 3 years ago

          Nasty. Touch your pee pee, touch the screen, touch the pee pee, touch the screen.. gross.

        • senterprises profile image

          senterprises 4 years ago

          Potty training kids is never easy. Getting them to sit there until they go can sometimes take a loooooong time. I'm interested to hear feedback from parents using the iPotty. Does it really help with potty training. The theory sounds good.

        • profile image

          getmoreinfo 4 years ago

          This is a great potty training idea.

        • lkamom profile image

          Heather McGlaughlin 4 years ago from Marryland

          Whoa what will they think of next. Interesting idea.

        • profile image

          aishu19 4 years ago

          I might..I mean we want them to feel comfortable and not make this a torturous journey..I am just amazed someone came up with this. Way to go technology!

        • profile image

          pinoyrecipe 4 years ago

          yeah, i definitely will, my daughter will surely love this one

        • Dianne Loomos profile image

          Dianne Loomos 4 years ago

          Not sure what I think about this! EVERYTHING is high tech these days. Do they have an iPotty for iPad for adults?