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Is Dyslexia Genetic

Updated on December 9, 2012

Understanding Is Dyslexia Genetic

Dyslexia can most usually be identified in children who have a hard time learning to read, write, and spell. The reason these children have difficulty with these tasks is because their brains have a harder time sequencing and memorizing visual symbols. So, dyslexics will find it hard to remember words, especially those, which cannot be sounded out. Dyslexics can sometimes also have a hard time with numbers.

People with dyslexia sometimes complain that words, letters, and numbers seem "blurry" to them. They will start to get headaches and seem anxious when trying to decipher words on screen or in a book. Dyslexia can often occur together with ADD and ADHD.

The most important identifying feature is that reading and spelling are hard and therefore dyslexic children, who are otherwise intelligent, fail to reach their potential. It is important to get dyslexic children the help that they need so that they do not lose all self-confidence early on, and so that they understand this condition is treatable.

The Biology of Dyslexia

This condition is found in every culture around the world except in those cultures where reading is not used or important. You will find that dyslexia spans across all IQ levels, and socio economic statuses. Interestingly, it is more prevalent in males vs. females. Additionally dyslexia can be affected greatly by environmental conditions such as nutrition.

Is Dyslexia Genetic

One of the largest risk factors determining whether someone will be dyslexic is to have a close family member that is also dyslexic. Studies show that about 50% of a person’s genes account for reading ability while the other 50% is environmental. This means that dyslexia is heritable by 50%. Boys are more likely to be affected by dyslexia than girls.

Some research has suggested that if either parent is dyslexic than their sons might have about a 75% chance of having dyslexia, but girls will only have a 25% chance of being dyslexic.

Can Dyslexia Be Cured

Dyslexia is not a disease; it is a condition in which the brain has a more difficult time reading and deciphering symbols. Though this should not be discouraging because there are many treatments to help with dyslexia such as filter glasses which help with the visual aspect, phonological training, and dyslexia programs.

Additionally, because dyslexics have different kinds of brains than others they have other skills that have exceptional value. Many dyslexics excel in film, art, and programming industries. There is even a well-known architectural firm that prefers to employ dyslexics because of their advanced lateral thinking and spatial awareness abilities.

Diagnosing Dyslexia- What Are The Symptoms

Some typical symptoms of dyslexia include:

- Unusually poor reading

- Bad Spelling

- Problems remembering phone numbers

- Problems remembering appointments

- Difficulty learning any type of sequence like the months in a year or days of the week

- Problems with concentration

- Problems sounding out words

- Visual distortion like blurring of words and numbers

- Eye strain & headaches

Helping A Dyslexic

The number one thing to do is to be supportive and to reassure the person that they are not stupid nor are they lazy. Don’t blame a child for having difficulty in school- because it is a real condition; a physical condition of the brain.

The diagnosis can be a big relief because now you and they know that they are not stupid. You should encourage other activities in which they can excel such as art or sports. There were many very smart and successful dyslexics. Einstein himself was a dyslexic!

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Interesting topic.


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