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Jenny Lind baby cribs are stylish and won't break the bank

Updated on October 1, 2011

Jenny Lind Cribs are trendy

There's always a trend with anything from clothing to restaurants and even nursery furniture. Jenny Lind baby cribs are popping up in baby magazines like Parents and popular baby blogs like Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh. Jenny Lind is actually the design name of the crib and not a brand. Currently, the Jenny Lind style crib is made by DaVinci, which is a famous name brand among baby furniture. DaVinci prides itself in being eco-friendly and using only 100% New Zealand hardwood.

What I like about Jenny Lind cribs is its timeless and classic design. The spindle wood work is unique but not overbearing. They come in four colors:

  • Cherry (my favorite)
  • Ebony
  • Honey Oak
  • White

The Jenny Lind crib can be accompanied with the matching changing table. However, I find that it's cute to not be so matchy-matchy with nursery furniture. I've seen many people even repaint Jenny Lind cribs to funky hues like yellow and red. Repainting baby furniture is tricky however because you want to make sure that the new paint is non-toxic and also stripping the old paint won't cause any problems.

Here are some pictures of baby nurseries with Jenny Lind baby cribs.

Cherry Jenny Lind Crib
Cherry Jenny Lind Crib | Source
White Jenny Lind Crib
White Jenny Lind Crib | Source
Black Jenny Lind Crib
Black Jenny Lind Crib
Yellow Repainted Jenny Lind Crib
Yellow Repainted Jenny Lind Crib | Source

I'm not sure if you noticed, but all of the above nurseries have mismatched furniture. The Jenny Lind crib can go well against modern pieces like the Eames rocker (2nd picture), and I love how the black Jenny Lind crib pictured second to last is paired with a natural colored wood dresser. That yellow pouf is also amazing! I included the last picture to show you that a DIY mom repainted a Jenny Lind crib to a bright and cheerful yellow.

Great nursery pieces don't have to be purchased at high end furniture shops like Pottery Barn or Land of Nod. You can find gems on Craigslist or even at your local Wal-Mart. The Jenny Lind cribs' natural look can be integrated in any kind of nursery. It's not too modern yet it's not too traditional like the sleigh crib.

If you're curious about how the Jenny Lind crib looks, go to your local nursery store and take a look at how sturdy and well designed it is. It's a great looking crib and more affordable than many other cribs.

If you fall in love with the Jenny Lind cribs like I have, you should also take note that there are Jenny Lind toddler beds!


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