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Reasons Why You Should Let Your Kids Join the Karate Class

Updated on March 25, 2015

Your 6 year old son suddenly came running to you in excitement and said, "Mom, Dad, I want to join the karate class!" Would you allow him to join? There would be many factors to consider before you decide about this like time, budget, safety of the program and your availability to watch over your kid. Moreover you would consider enrolling him for a math and science tutoring class instead of enrolling him to a karate program. Parents are a bit more concerned about their children's academics, aren't you? Before approving or turning down his request you there are things you should know about martial arts and your kid.

Most martial art program for kids are more focused to the needs of children rather than training them to be punching and kicking machines. Coaches for children teaches them good values in life. There are gestures that are strictly imposed by the coach like bowing to their sensei or sparring partner before the practice to teach team respect. Simple instructions by the coach like asking them to sit still, watch carefully and to wait for their turn are effective way of imposing discipline. It is always a must for instructors make the children understand they cannot punch or kick anyone just because they know karate, instead, martial art is a way of life in discipline and is made to protect not to harm.

What do you think is the reason why your child insists on enrolling in a martial arts class? Do you think he wants to be a professional in the field of martial arts like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee? On the outside, they just look like they only want to learn how to do a flying kick and uppercut punch. On the inside, there is more. Most children want to be like their parents who are strong, tall, and able to do difficult tasks that is why they love doing things that adults do. Children does not want to be inferior to others and be left behind. If they see other children are growing, they have the feeling they need to grow up to to catch up. They also like to do great things while you are watching. They need affirmations from other people especially from their parents. They want you to be happy, hug them and kiss them whenever they achieve awards.

Having kids enrolled in a martial arts program will be very beneficial for your child and for you too. You don't want your child to sit all day swiping the screen of his android tab all day, do you? One reason is that they'll get more active and this is good for their physical and mental development. Together with your child you will get active too! You would also want your child to learn to be more focused and able to listen to instructions carefully. Another is that they will learn how to take hits and learn to be able to get up when they are down which is a value that is very useful in the later years of hi/her life. They will be able to build self confidence along with other students which he can use in performing school activities. Even through wearing the proper attire in the class, they learn to be more disciplined and responsible.

Most children benefit from martial arts class and it does not matter what kind of martial arts they enroll in. The important part is that they learn and they grow. If you consider enrolling him in a martial arts class, look for a coach who is more concerned about the needs and development of a child instead of the program.

May you succeed in raising your child. Good luck with your karate classes with your kid! Fight!

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    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 2 years ago from Philippines

      My daughter used to take up taekwondo when she was still in high school. She got to sparr with the little kids and all they do is kick around and frolic while doing the exercises. Heheh! Young Pinoys should study martial arts as physical exercise, and to protect themselves when faced with danger. Interesting hub!