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Joovy Sit and Stand Stroller | Joovy Tandem Stroller | Joovy Caboose

Updated on April 29, 2010

Joovy Caboose Sit and Stand Stroller - Make Outings Easier

The Joovy sit and stand stroller is an ideal option for families with more than one child, or who know they want more. It is a small stroller, close to the size of a single, with the convenience of a double stroller (minus the bulk).

The Joovy tandem stroller offers a sit or stand option for your toddler, and a way for you to keep a watchful eye on them, while keeping them from bothering the baby. Many parents describe it as 'not perfect, but awfully close'.

The Joovy sit and stand stroller offers a front seat with a universal car seat attachment system, so you don't need to invest in a separate travel stroller system for your newborn. While the baby is tucked in safely in the front, your toddler rides in back near you, holding onto the foam bars provided. If she gets tired of standing, she can turn around and have a seat on the platform.

There are some great benefits to the Joovey Caboose tandem stroller. It is lightweight, folds easily, the wheels turn on a dime and lock into place when needed, there is plenty of onboard storage, no seperate travel system needed, and it is much smaller than a traditional double.

Live is hard enough with little ones when you're on the go, there are diaper changes, a million things to carry, and naptimes to worry about. No one can change those things, but the Joovey sit and stand stroller makes the moving around part much easier-and every little thing helps!

Joovy Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller Video

Joovy Sit and Stand Stroller - Folded & fits in compact car~~Nice!
Joovy Sit and Stand Stroller - Folded & fits in compact car~~Nice!

Joovy Sit and Stand Stroller vs Joovy Ultralight Stroller ??

(PIC) Joovy Tandem Stroller~~Folded into Compact Car

If you are wondering if it is worth the extra money to go ultralight, here is what you will get for your extra $50 in the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller.

  • The Joovy Ultralight Stroller is 5 pounds lighter in weight

  • The Ultralight has a larger sun visor for the child in the front (almost 50% bigger)

  • The Ultralight comes standard with the parent organizer, which you can buy with the regular model for $30. It includes a bottle holder, and pockets. Of course, the regular stroller includes built in storage already.

  • Joovy Ultralight Stroller models offer more color selection, including the camo, which you can't get on the regular model.

All in all, 5 pounds is not much, so if you can live without the other features, keep your money and stick with the Joovy sit and stand stroller.

You will get a great stroller either way!

Joovy Caboose Tandem Stroller eBay Deals.

Occasionally, you will find a better deal on eBay. Always watch the seller reputation, and check into shipping on larger items. Even a slightly used model can bring big savings for you.

Joovy Sit and Stand Stroller - Close Up View - The Joovy Tandem Stroller


Great Colors Available in The Joovy Caboose Tandem Stroller- Orange, Yellow, Black, Purple, Green and Blue.

If you are interested in the Joovy Ultralight Stroller - Colors are: Black, Blue, Camo, Red, Orange, Green, Brown, and Orange/Black combo.

Have you used a Joovy Sit and Stand Stroller & What do you Think?

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