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10 Terrific Jungle Baby Shower Invitations

Updated on February 27, 2014

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle...

The jungle makes a great theme for a baby shower. It's a lot easier than choosing a single animal, and offers greater flexibility with design, invitations, party favors, and food items.

Fortunately, there's a great selection of jungle themed invitations to choose from as well.

Here are some spectacular ones...

This jungle baby shower invitation is just awesome! It's bright, colorful, and cute, yet the shower invite text is simple and clean.

I LOVE these square jungle shower invites. They're available in several unique variations, each of which feature a different animal design or color pattern that permeates both the front and back of the card. Very original, and fully customizable with lots of paper choices.

This simple, but elegant design features a bird, an elephant, and a giraffe along with shower information. You can add in matching thank yous, address labels, and even gift bags too! Also comes in green and pink color schemes.

Shower Planning Checklist

There's lots to do before the big day! Here's a checklist to help you dot your i's cross your t's and throw an absolutely perfect shower.

  1. Get the guest list set and approved.
  2. Find a great location for the event. Consider weather, number of people, comfort, and food.
  3. Come up with a theme.
  4. Purchase and send invitations to your guests.
  5. Alert guests about a gift registry if the mom-to-be has one.
  6. Plan decorations that match your theme including banners, plateware, food items, table centerpieces or flair, etc.
  7. Plan a menu with fun food and drinks (and a cake!) that will satisfy everyone.
  8. Come up with some baby-related games or activities for everyone to play.
  9. Create a music setlist to keep the shower flowing.
  10. Decide on a shower thank you gift to give to everyone who attends.

Another super-cute design... with a sweet poem to greet your guests, "a sweet little baby is on the way, so let's celebrate before the big day"

Matching envelopes, thank yous, and accessories are also available...

A really cute design complete with a host of happy jungle animals. I really love the pattern on the back of these invites.

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These jungle theme invitations are perfect for any gender... with neutral colors, cute animals, and lots of sunshine! They're printed on durable cardstock.

Jungle Cupcake Tutorial

Great easy idea for a jungle baby shower theme courtesy of Betty Crocker...

These are among my favorites! I just love how the animals and colors are arranged. The back is colorful too and they come with (optional) thank you cards, address labels, and gift tags! A few other color schemes to choose from...

If cartoon animals aren't your style, here's another option that features a colorful array of realistic animals. Beautiful, modern design. Comes with optional colorful backers, envelope liners, and labels.

Jungle Baby Shower Decorations Kit

jungle baby shower decorations
jungle baby shower decorations

A more minimalist design with 3 cute jungle animals welcoming your guests. Lots of optional add-ons and several color schemes make this a great choice.

Choo! Choo! Check out this adorable and festive invitation. Customize it with your choice of dozens of fonts, and order as little as 10!

Looking for a great game to play at your shower that's simple, relaxing and fun?

There are DOZENS of songs with the word "baby" in the title.

You can either break guests down into teams to come up with as many as they can think of in a certain amount of time... OR play "name that tune" with your guests using only baby-titled songs. You can let each song play out so that people can talk, eat, and listen to each one. It's a fun, but relaxed game that can take up a nice chunk of time during your shower!

Food and drinks? Location? Theme? Design? What do you think?

Whats the most important aspect of a baby shower? Chime in!

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      dellgirl 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your 10 Terrific Jungle Baby Shower Invitations. They really are terrific!