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Just Like Taking Blankets From A Baby

Updated on October 30, 2014

We Are Taking Blankets And Toys Out Of The Crib

There was a time when a scene like this one was very common. We often gave children toys, blankets, stuffed animals, a bottle (propped up with a pillow), and other bedtime gear. We also had drop down sides on the crib and an array of bumpers and mobiles to entertain and stimulate growing minds. I was fortunate. Many other babies were not. The incidence of injuries and even death were mounting. I'm not going into the graphic details here. I'll simply say it is a good thing the facts are more common knowledge these days and parents are learning how to ensure a safer environment for their precious baby.

I am grateful all that misinformation and lack of facts has changed! One of the reasons things have changed is because we now have social media. There are more and more parents getting together, and sharing experiences, learning from mistakes, as well as creating and sharing public reviews of the products we use everyday. Especially the products which aren't living up to our expectations and aren't assuring the safety of our children, family, and friends. This is an essential relatively new consumer driven environment. Which has opened the playing field to transparency and truth. Because of this new customer driven environment, manufacturers are more motivated to become environmentally responsible, they are listening to customers in open forums (such as Facebook and Twitter), and they are striving to provide the highest quality products.

This page will show you my favorite two products to give us peace of mind while the baby is sleeping. First we are taking all the bedding, bumpers, blankets, bottles, and toys out of the crib. This page will share what else I did to ensure a safe sleep for baby.

Image Credit All images I have placed on this page are Public Domain Commercial License or personal images I have taken myself. Other images are provided by Amazon.

SwaddleDesigns Organic Eco Fleece Sleeping Sack with 2-Way Zipper, Pastel Blue, Medium
SwaddleDesigns Organic Eco Fleece Sleeping Sack with 2-Way Zipper, Pastel Blue, Medium

This is one of the wearable blankets, it is a natural cotton color, it is the most comfortable (soft and keeps a good internal temperature) and it is easy to get baby in and out of and really easy to change diapers because the zipper will unzip and zip up starting at the top or starting at the bottom so the middle of the night diaper change is a lot less work. Also this comes in three satin trim colors and two sizes. (I had to check for 6-12 month in kiwi availability- for my grandson). Be sure to measure baby and then check the length for each size.

These are not swaddle blankets (so usually for babies 3 months to 12 months who are transitioning.


Giving Back

There are two things I returned to the crib.

  1. The mattress sheet, and
  2. an organic cotton wearable baby blanket.

A wearable blanket is safer than a loose blanket. I have seen instructions about how to tuck in a loose blanket but, I'm not happy with that kind of solution because it seems to me it restricts my baby from moving naturally. With little bodies developing it seems to me it is healthier for a baby to have a bit more freedom of movement. Which seems difficult using a loose blanket tucked in from the chest down at the foot of the crib.

I wanted to share both of the items I'm allowing to remain in the crib on this page because not only are they going to remove the known potential dangers in the crib, my favorite items are also made eco friendly and use organic cotton, so they are non-toxic for the baby as well. Finally I'm committed to buying items made in the USA for babies and children. I'll explain why in a little while. But first "Why Organic Cotton?"

I first became aware of the chemicals used in the production of cotton when I was surfing the internet and discovered a company which had dedicated their whole company to producing non-chemically treated cotton plants. This was the first I had heard about the chemicals used in the growing, harvesting, cleaning, and processing of cotton. The news started out by saying the water near and around the cotton processing plant was contaminated. Suddenly a lot of truth began to emerge. The chemicals they were using (in growing and processing, bleaching and dying) were toxic to people and the earth.

Awareness is yet another amazing gift of the internet, customer driven markets, and social media. With each new company leading the way into cleaner, greener, and more sustainable ways of conducting business, we will gradually become aware of the contrast in years gone by. The problems of the past become clear when someone implements a solution!

So, the two items I am returning to the crib are made from organic cotton, it is to ensure baby isn't unnecessarily exposed to agricultural toxins or chemical fabric treatments (such as bleaching and dying).

Organic Cotton, Natural, Made In The USA - Why I Buy USA Made Brands For Baby and The Kids.

One of the most important things to look for when you are buying anything for babies and children is the Made in the USA certification. This is because products made in the USA are under the authority of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (a government agency) which assures they are not only required to meet child safety laws, but are also accountable, because they are under the jurisdiction of the agency which sets and enforces the standards. This isn't going to absolutely ensure they are doing it right, but, if they don't they are going to be motivated to.

In most cases the USA based producers and manufacturers are committed to following the rules as well as ethical guidelines. This means they are going to consistently raise the bar, lift their own expectations, improve their product safety, and assume a proactive engagement with their customers.

I have selected USA Organic Cotton for both of the following recommendations. Evaluate each of the product details for yourself. Measure baby, mattress, and check the measurements of each item to insure a good fit.

Safety includes: The right size, the right materials, durability, comfort, and easy cleaning! The items will wash and wear well. Each of the customer reviews were remarkable. The primary few disappointments were about the size of the items, the measurements as described, so to avoid the number one complaint be sure to measure the mattress and the baby before you choose a size.

Cotton In It's Natural Habitat
Cotton In It's Natural Habitat

More Safety Tips

Move or secure anything nearby the crib.

This is how to keep the area around the crib safe.

Crib Area Safety:

  • Move or Secure anything you have nearby the crib.
  • Check:
  • the wall (paint, artwork, wainscotting),
  • shelves should be out of reach,
  • windows,
  • window treatments (curtains, pulls for blinds, etc.),
  • nearby decorations or ornaments,
  • secure mobiles or music (secure straps to crib railings or out of reach), and
  • make sure all diaper changing supplies (powders and ointments) are out of reach.

Additionally: Make sure the crib you are using is up to current safety standards (such as no drop side, suited width between slats, durable, non-toxic finish, and so forth).

Be consistently keeping your eyes open to the environment, changes, maintenance issues, and correct any potential dangers immediately or remove baby from the area until the situation is corrected.

Now you have an overview about the basic bedding and a wearable blanket. The organic materials are going to keep baby at a comfortable temperature when your home is ranging from the high 60's to low 70's.

There are other versions of sheets and wearable blankets for just about every age, from newborn to toddler, and seasonal temperature ranges. For older children it should be safe to let them have blankets and toys in the crib (but keep it minimalistic) and make sure the products are safe.

Re-cap Checklist

Check The Bedding and wearable blanket For:

Organic materials,

Made in the USA,

Good fit (sheet measurements will fit the mattress and the wearable blanket measures the same height as your baby),

Durable and washable, and


The surrounding area is free of items such as:

wall damages (peeling paint),

window panes,

window treatments (which could be pulled down),

blind pulls strings and loose decorations,

diapering items are out of reach,

the bedding is secure, and

music toys or mobiles are secure and out of reach.

Be mindful and consistent in inspecting the area often.

Quick Safety Question...

This is another example of an ordinary crib just a few years ago
This is another example of an ordinary crib just a few years ago

I enjoy writing about so many topics! My life is a mix of many hats and passions. My biggest passion is helping people.

I would love to hear from you.

  1. Chime in on the Poll below, and
  2. Leave a not in my guestbook.

Say a prayer for the families who have lost babies. It is a heart shifting experience. I pray God's comfort and peace for each parent, family member, and friend.

Have You Removed Blankets And Toys From Your Baby's Crib?

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Research, Experience, and Resources

I did a lot of research and used my personal experience to create this page. Even so I know there are always new things to learn and will always be room for improving ourselves and how we care for ourselves and for our children.

So, I thought I would also provide a great link for you to continue learning more about baby safety. If you would like more information about the newest crib safety requirements visit the Crib Information Center -- USA GOV United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Their website has a lot of great information and details about consumer safety, questions and answers, as well as reporting agencies for us to keep them informed about any problems we discover along the way.

Thanks again for dropping by! I appreciate you.

© 2014 Deb Bryan

This is my guestbook I would love to hear you.

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