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Best Kids Cowboy Hat Sale

Updated on March 31, 2013

Cheap Cowboy Hat For Kids

Cowboy hats are usually just a given for boys, rather they are dressing up for play, a costume or because they want to look like dad. Playing cowboys is a traditional kids game that will probably never fade. While other pretend games such a superheros can sometimes intertwine with the pretend play, its basic play is about the same. Kids especially boys love to get into costume with their cowboy hats, cowboy boots and ride their pretend horse all over the yard.

With three young boys my eyes are always attracted to to a kids cowboy hat sale. Boys love to have multiple hats to wear and having them allows for there always to be enough to play with when friends or family comes over to play.

My boys have regular cowboy hats I have found on sale and then they also have fun cowboy hats. Below are some examples of sales for kids cowboy hats that I found to be a good deal. My favorite is the light tan straw Sheriffs hat. My four year old son prefers the red cowboy hats because he likes to put on a cape and pretend he is a superhero cowboy.

Kids Realistic Looking Sherriffs Cowboy Hat On Sale

There is a time for fun cowboy hats mad of felt or Styrofoam with fun designs, then there is a time when you dress you kid to go out that you would like a nice cowboy hat he can have fun in but still look nice. This is that type of hat, what cowboy loving boy would not like to wear a Sheriffs hat and the natural colors will look great on them.

Kids Brown Cowboy Hat On Sale

This is a nice brown kids cowboy hat that would be good for play, a costume or to have them wear it out to match their dad. With lots of cowboy hats being so expensive I think this is a good buy.

Bailey Western Bucky Kids Hat Sale

Every little boy wants to be a cowboy in the Wild West. Give him the best prop you can for his imagination with the Bailey Western Bucky kids hats. It's vented crown and moisture absorbing sweatband will keep him cool and dry for his game of outlaws vs. cowboys.

Kids Cowboy Hats
Kids Cowboy Hats

Teaching a Boy To Care For New His Cowboy Hat

A real kids cowboy hat is something that should be taken care off. Different from a toy cowboy hat, a kids hat will be expensive enough that it is expected to last at least a little bit. The last thing you want to see is a boys hat crush or left out in the rain days after he got it.

By experience it is best to work with your child to let them know where there hat goes. A cowboy hat is fun to play with, but should not be left out with toys. Let your child know that they should treat their hat with care of putting it up and cleaning it the same way they would their shoes.

It will take a child a little bit to learn to keep their cowboy hat put up and how to treat it. So it is important to reiterate behavior as needed.

When showing them how to care for their new treasure also make sure they know how to wear it and when not to wear it.

Cowboy Birthday parties can be fun and entertaining with all the different activities. It is fun when birthday boy has his hat on so why not lot other guest join a get party favor cowboy hats for all the other kids at the party. They do not have to be expensive, even the cheap toy type of hats will be fun.

Kids Straw Cowboy Sheriff Hat w/Star (2 Pack)
Kids Straw Cowboy Sheriff Hat w/Star (2 Pack)

Well made kids cowboy party hats that will last past the party. You can buy by the pair or their is also a larger pack available.

Fun Express Plastic Bright Colored Cowboy Hats (1 Dz) By Fun Express
Fun Express Plastic Bright Colored Cowboy Hats (1 Dz) By Fun Express

If you just looking for cheap fun party cowboy hats for kids then this set of 12 plastic brightly colored hat set is probably what your looking for.


Kids Pink Straw Cowboy Hats On Sale - Kids Cowboy Hat Sale

A pink cowgirl hat for the girl that loves pony's and horses. I was not fond of pink till I was much older but I know more then one girl that had to have all their cowboy hats pink. My favorite is the white hat with the pink trim and star.

Kids Red Cowboy Hat

New Child's Country Red Cowboy Felt Costume Hat

New Child's Country Red Cowboy Felt Costume Hat
New Child's Country Red Cowboy Felt Costume Hat

Bright red cowboy hat for boys. I do not know what was with the red but my oldest would only wear the red kids cowboy hats until he was at least 7.


How to Buy the Right Sized Kids Cowboy Hat

To find the right measurements to buy a kid a cowboy hat you need to measure the circumference of the child's head. For measurements from 19 1/8 - 19 1/2 inches fall within the hat size of small (6 1/8 - 6 1/4). For measurements of 20- 20 1/4 inches fall within the hat size of medium (6 3/8- 6 1/2); large sizes fall within 6 5/8 - 6 3/4, corresponding to a circumference within 20 3/4 - 21 1/2 inches; and finally, a circumference of 21 3/4 inches is an extra large size at 6 7/8.

How Often Does Your Kid Wear Their Cowboy Hat?

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    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 4 years ago

      I always loved cowboy outfits and wanted to dress my children that way and didn't get around to it. A regret there, maybe for my grandkids.