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Kids Lap Desk

Updated on August 20, 2014

Find a Kids Lap Desk

Kids don't have to always sit at the table or a desk to do homework, snack, color, paint, draw, or work on a notebook or laptop. Just like adults, sometimes they like to work on the floor, while in the car, or while laying on their bed. A kids lap desk can be a great way to allow them to do this.

On this page we will provide some buying tips and you will find a variety of lap desks for kids of all ages. From under 3 to young adults, these brightly colored lap desks are not only beautiful, but functional too. If you don't see what you want, you will also find some resources for making your own at the bottom of the page.


Choosing a Kids Lap Desk

A kids lap desk can be useful in many ways:

Eating and snacking. They can help keep crumbs and small spills contained. They are great for drawing, coloring, painting and similar activities. They protect your furniture and allow kids to work on the floor, in bed, and in other areas rather than sitting at a table. They provide a great work surface for older kids too. They can be used for reading, working on small laptops, and completing homework assignments.When choosing a kids lap desk you want to consider: Where the lap desk will be used. If it's for use in the car with a child 3 and under, there are designs that are made to strap to a car seat or stroller. If they will be used when traveling or on the go, there are some that have a fold up design and carrying handle that are perfect for taking along anywhere. If it will be used primarily at home, something larger and more durable might be needed.Functionality. Certainly a kids lap desk with compartments to store supplies can help assure your child has everything they want right where they need it. Pockets for pencils and other items are important for some kids. A built in pencil tray can help and if they will be using a small netbook or something similar, a non skid surface or built up ledge to prevent slipping can be very useful. A built in cup holder is convenient as well.Comfort. Lightweight design can be important for portability and comfort, but a pillow cushioned bottom can help a great deal as well. Many of these lap desks offer a removable cushion so that it offers more flexibility.

A Good Choice for Bigger Kids

LapGear XL Student Lap Desk,  - Blue (Fits upto 17.3" Laptop)
LapGear XL Student Lap Desk, - Blue (Fits upto 17.3" Laptop)

A little bit bigger making it better for homework and playing games. Has microbead pillow bottom.


A Good Lap Desk for the Youngest Kids

Perfect in the car or in a stroller too. Includes a cup holder.

Make Your Own Kids Lap Desk

If you don't see what you want here and you like creating your own things, making your own kids lap desk is fairly easy. The top writing surface can be made from a number of materials, but some type of wood or perhaps acrylic is the most common material. Balsam wood, plywood, masonite, cutting boards, clipboards, and similar items have all be used. Wood is easily sanded, painted, decorated with stickers, simple handpainted designs, or pictures from magazines which are attached with glue, and then coated with a polyurethane spray or covered with clear contact paper to protect the surface.

A small pillow or padded cushion can be stapled or glued to the surface before finishing to provided a comfortable based. You can find specific instructions if you search online, but one good example can be found here. There is a PDF with step by step instruction included at the bottom of that page.

For those who like a high quality wood product, woodworking plans for these lap desks can be found here.

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