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Kids' Bank Book

Updated on April 27, 2013

How to Teach Wise Money Management to Your Kids with Fun, Ease, Smiles & Laughter

I wrote The Kids' Bank Book so that parents could teach wise management to their kids before their kids grew up.

So many parents today are getting out of debt by learning money management principles, financial abundance principles, Christian principles of wealth and tithing, law of attraction financial abundance and giving principles, and Rich Dad/Automatic Millionaire principles of having money make more money. They want their kids to learn these lessons and fundamental money principles - BEFORE their kids get old enough to get into financial trouble.

How do you teach your kids wise money management? You set up a system where they learn good money management without even realizing it! BTW, making it fun makes it easier too!

How would you like your child to enter adulthood not only debt-free, but having a habit of donating, giving, or tithing, as well as spending appropriately and investing?

Important Books for Raising Wise Children

The first book teaches you how money works - and how to harness the power of money working for you (instead of vice versa). The 2nd and 3rd book are about living the life you want, and how much your attitude contributes to - and helps to create - your life. The 4th and 5th books are books that every parent should own and read to their children - as often as possible! The 6th book is self-explanatory.

Tell us how you teach your children good money habits!

Got kids?

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