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Kids Chalkboard Table

Updated on May 31, 2015

Kids Chalkboard Table

For the young artists in the family... a table they can draw on!

This fantastic Kids Chalkboard Table is the perfect way to entertain you child for hours! We all remember how much fun it is to write on a chalkboard, but to be able to sit down at a table and draw for hours is the ultimate fun!

It's also the perfect way to practice handwriting for the 5-7 year olds that are just learning! They can practice and erase until they get it just right!

The chalk is readily available in the handy storge area in the center so it will not be easily misplaced.

Offi Woody Chalkboard Table

Mom say's it is OK to draw on this table!

Parents love this stylish, kid-sized chalk table. The metal bowl in the center helps prevent chalk from rolling all over and keeps some of the dust contained. Children love having a table they can finally draw on without getting in trouble! The

Woody Chalkboard Table is made with Offi's uniquely durable chalkboard surface and a bowl in the center for chalk and eraser storage. A family favorite for its sturdiness and easy-to-write-on surface.


Birch Ply with durable and washable Linoleum chalkboard surface

Wood finishes may vary slightly from color and grain shown in image sample

Designed by Eric Pfeiffer for Offi & Company, Tiburon, CA

Dimensions: 30"Diameter x 18"H

Matching Chairs for the Offi Woody Chalkboard Table

These sturdy matching

Offi Look-Me Chairs (set of 2) are the perfect addition to the Chalkboard Table.

Offi's Look-Me Chairs are the perfect companion to the Woody Chalkboard Table. The chairs have a playful design in molded ply with a back that doubles as a handle for easy maneuvering for little hands. With a lightweight and extremely durable structure, these chairs allow for years of use by children.


Molded Birch Ply construction

Designed by Eric Pfeiffer for Offi & Company, Tiburon, CA

Wood finishes may vary slightly from color and grain shown in image sample

Purchase price includes 2 chairs

Dimensions: 11"D x 13"W x 20"H; Seat: 11.25"H

Other Chair Sets available for the Offi Chalkboard Table

The matching wooden chairs are a wonderful set, however, Melissa & Doug wooden chairs are a cute set that would also look great with the Offi Chalkboard table.

They have an 11-inch seat height and are a durable hard wood, that is also tip-resistant as an added safety feature. This set is sure to last for a long time and would be perfect for use at a play table, desk or while watching t.v.

Liquid Chalk Markers

To make your child's drawing time more exciting, these bright colored liquid chalk markers are an entertaining way to draw some awesome pictures. These bright neon colored chalk markers will wipe clean from any non-porous surface and are non-toxic for children's safety.

Share with me some of the experiences your child has had with their chalkboard table!

Does your child have a Chalkboard Table?

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