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Kovacs Family

Updated on May 11, 2014

Are you a Kovacs ?

So are more than 200 .000 people in Hungary . This is a very old surname .It literally means Smith . The second most common surname in Hungary after Nagy . The name has different spelling variations -but in Hungary Kovacs with an accent on the a -is the most common .

Find out who are the famous Kovacs in the world . Find gifts for the Kovacs family .Have fun and learn new things while being here .

KOVACS as a last name in Hungary

The second most common surname in Hungary . More than 200 .000 people have it as last name .

A famous Kovacs

Kovacs Margit the ceramist (1902-1977)

Hungarian ceramist and sculptress.Her main themes are country folk, family life and bible stories. She is very popular .Her art is much loved.

Hungarian (Kovács): occupational name for a blacksmith, Hungarian kovács, a loanword from Slavic.

A famous Kovacs

Kovacs Istvan alias Koko

István Kovács (born August 17, 1970 in Budapest), nicknamed Ko-Ko or sometimes The Cobra is a retired Hungarian boxer. Out of 292 matches he won 282 .He is considered in Hungary a national hero .

Out of 292 matches he won 282 .

Gary Kovacs

CEO of Mozilla

Gary Kovacs is the CEO of Mozilla Corporation with the responsibility for leading the overall direction of the organization and the Firefox Web browser.

Prior to joining Mozilla, Gary held senior leadership roles as Senior VP of Markets, Solutions & Products at Sybase (through its acquisition by SAP earlier this year), as General Manager and VP of Mobile & Devices at Adobe and as VP of Product Marketing at Macromedia (through its acquisition by Adobe).

Previously, he led the successful creation and growth of Zi Corporation, a company specializing in embedded software and services for mobile and consumer devices.

Prior to Zi Corporation, Gary spent 10 years at IBM in leadership positions in product management, sales, marketing and operations within the global software division.

He holds a bachelor of commerce and an MBA with distinction, from the University of Calgary.

Once Gary officially starts in November he'll be reachable at and on Twitter @mozillaGary

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.She got The Star Of The Year award from the Music Week magazine in 1975 for example .

A Famous Kovacs - Kati Kovacs the pop rock jazz singer

Kati Kovács is a Hungarian singer and actress.

She became first famous nationally in 1965 when she won the seminal TV talent show in Hungary "Who Knows What?". A year later, she achieved some even greater successes with her performance of the song I Won't Be Your Plaything (Nem leszek a játékszered) which won the TV Dance Song Festivals in Hungary in 1966.

In 1968 she played the leading roles in some films, for example The Girl.She is internationally the most recognized Hungarian singer .She has been singing since 1965 .She won a lots of awards and prizes .She got The Star Of The Year award from the Music Week magazine in 1975 for example .

The psychedelic spiritual Lord Send Us Rain (Add már, uram, az esőt!) won the Hungarian Dance Song Festival and the German Song Contest in 1972.

Agnes Kovacs

swimmer - Olympic Champion

Events: 200 m medley, 200 m breaststroke, 100 m breast, 50 breast

Best Results: 2000 Olympic Champion in 200 breast 200 breast 2:24:35 2:26:57 1996 Olympic bronze medal in 2004 Olympic fourth 200 medley and 5 2:13:58 2:26:12 200 breast into 3 times Olympic participant (1996, 2000, 2004), multiple world (2), Perth 1998: 200 breast 2:25:45 2001 Fukuoka: 2:24:90 200 breast and Europe (7 ) champion Sevilla 1997: 1:08:08 100 m breast stroke, 200 breast 2:24:90, Istanbul 1999: 31:44 50 m breast, 100 breast 1:08:75, 2:27:12 200 breast, Helsinki 2000: 50 31:68 breast, 100 breast 1:08:38 3 times European Junior Champion in Geneva 1995: 100 m breast stroke, Copenhagen 1996: 100 m breast stroke, 200 breast


The Ernie Kovacs Show, Ernie Kovacs, 1951-1956

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Ernie Kovacs (January 23, 1919 – January 13, 1962) was an American comedian .

KOVACS as a last name in the US


people in the U.S. have this name

Kovacs Erzsi - Honvagy - Erzsi Kovacs - Being Homesick

Erzsi Kovacs is a Hungarian pop singer was born in 1928 and died recently .She recorded her last album at the age of 79 . During the communism she tried to escape from the country with a famous football player . They were caught and she was imprisoned for four years in 1951 and her love was executed for that attempt of escaping . In this song she is singing about her love towards Hungary .

Being Homesick - a song about her love towards Hungary

Have you ever met a Kovacs ?

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    • almawad profile image

      almawad 4 years ago

      @julieannbrady: Very interesting ! Do you speak Hungarian ,Julie ?

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 4 years ago

      Yes indeed -- Kovacs / Kovach is one of our family names! I believe Mihaly Kovacs worked in the coal mines in Eleanora, PA and died there. He was my grandmother's father.

    • almawad profile image

      almawad 5 years ago

      Thank you for coming !

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      Nice lens. :)

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      Wow, great lens, thanks for writing it.

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      Great lens! Thanks!

    • almawad profile image

      almawad 6 years ago

      Hello ! Nice to meet a new Kovac here !

    • Cinnamonbite profile image

      Cinnamonbite 6 years ago

      I'm from a, "Kovac." No s. Great Grandfather was born in Yugoslavia. My Great Grandmother was Czech

    • almawad profile image

      almawad 6 years ago

      Welcome !

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Yes! I am a Ková my grandfather was german

    • almawad profile image

      almawad 7 years ago

      WElcome ! Yes the word itself might have Slav origin and it has several spelling variations !

    • Cinnamonbite profile image

      Cinnamonbite 7 years ago

      My mother's side is Kovac. From Yugoslavia.