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Lansinoh Breast Pump

Updated on October 7, 2012

Introduction To Lansinoh Breast Pumps

Lansinoh breast pumps are one of the most popular in the market. Heavyweight brands like Medela, Philips AVENT, AMEDA and a whole lot more have been around for a long while. Lansinoh might be a very young company compared to the rest. Established only 25 years ago by a breastfeeding mum, Lansinoh has certainly come a long way towards manufacturing high quality breast pumps for nursing mothers.

Lansinoh makes a variety of breastfeeding products that include:

  • Electric Breast Pump

  • Manual Breast Pump

  • Breast Pump Accessories that include storage bags, storage bottles, lanolin nipple cream and many more.

Check out the Lanolin website for more details.

An alternative to Lansinoh breast pumps, include hands free breastpump bra which are all the rage these days as these types of breast pumps gives you the FREEDOM to do other daily activities while you breast pump.

Meanwhile, find out why you should consider Lansinoh breast pumps below...

Breast Pump Brand Trivia

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One of the reasons why you should consider Lansinoh breast pumps are:

  • Affordability - If you have researched on other brands like Medela, you will know that they come with quite a big price tag. So unless, you are fully loaded with cash, Lansinoh breast pumps are a great option

  • Durability - While other brands also mention that durability is one of their core focus when making breast pumps, customer reviews and feedback on Lansinoh Breast pumps have been very favourable in this area. In fact, the Double electric breast pump from Lansinoh seems to outlast the Medela equivalent breast pump. Even the other products manufactured by Lansinoh like bags, bottles tend to outlast the other brands. So why not consider a Lansinoh breastfeeding product?

  • Soft and Flexible Fit - Breastfeeding can be quite painful for some mums. Mastitis and Sore nipples tend to occur with breastfeeding. Lansinoh is aware of this and has designed their breast pumps to be soft and gentle on the breast while maintaining a good fit on your nipples and allow a more comfortable experience when breastfeeding

  • Efficiency - Some of the Lansinoh Breast pump comes with let down and expression phase technology which makes breastfeeding more efficient. The Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump comes with this feature and helps

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintaining - One of the things that annoys mums the most is back flow of milk into the tubing. Cleaning can be difficult for breast pumps with this problem. The good news is that Lansinoh Breast pump prevents blackflow of milk into the tubing.

  • Easy To Use - Using a breast pump may be one of those "first time experiences" you will ever have. Therefore, having to use a breast pump that is too complicated is one of the last things you need when you are already breastfeeding and having busy lives at the same time/working. Lansinoh Breast pumps are designed. There are only a few parts to them so assembly is easy, one dial for suction and one dial for speed. It works with AAA batteries or through the A/C adapter, so you can bring it on the go.

A Few Things To Take Note Of Before You Buy A Lansinoh Breast Pump

Minor Issues With Lansinoh Breast Pumps

As with most products, none are perfect and they do have shortcomings... The Lansinoh Breast Pump do have a few and one quite common complaint across most nursing mums is that:

  • The Suction is not as strong as other brands. Medela breast pumps are stronger but look at it this way, Lansinoh pumps are more gentle on your breasts but they do come with the let down and expression phase technology to improve breast milk production. So which would you choose??

  • Tubing Connection Quality I wouldn't say that this is a major issue but this component looks a bit cheap. I would advise proper maintenance while using Lansinoh breast pumps which isn't too difficult.

  • Noise Levels This is a minor issue for some mothers. I would agree that the level of noise during operation is not the quietest but I would say that if you want your baby to drift to a nice deep sleep while nursing them, it might be a little more difficult.

"Check Out The Range of Lansinoh Breast Pumps below...!"

"TOP Recommended Lansinoh Breast Pumps"

Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump BPA-free

If you have been searching for a good double electric breast pump, look no further than this. This double electric breast pump comes with a feature that prevents back flow of mik therefore making cleaning/maintaining really easy. You get maximum expression of breast milk thanks to the "Custom expression technology". The design is aso very comfortable. It also makes a good fit for nursing mothers. Assembly is also very easy. Only a few smal components to assemble and you are ready to start pumping breast milk. The compact size also makes it really easy to bring around, so you can breastpump on the go or anywhere without any fuss!

My Verdict

Yes this may be a bit more expensive than other double electric breast pumps but you get a more comfortable fit, more milk expression and good durability

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, 1-Count

Mums who prefer something less bulky and probably less noisy should consider getting this Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump. The good thing about it is that it is very comfortable and gentle to use. It is also very easy to assemble and maintain. You might have tried other brands from medela and Evenflo, but in terms of comfort and ease of use, this product is better. Obviously, using a manual breast pump involves some labour but if you don't mind doing this, then this should be on your shopping list!

Lansinoh Breast Pump Products - LEARN more from the videos here

Lansinoh Nursing Products You Wil Need

Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags - for convenience

Breastfeeding Resources on Video

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