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Letter A: Alphabet Activities for Kids

Updated on June 11, 2013

Fun Ways to Learn the Letter A!

Today's stop on the Alphabet Journey is with the Letter A!

All crafts, activities and recipes will be centered around letter recognition in a way that makes letter learning fun and interactive.

Also included are fun videos focused on the individual letter and links to free worksheets and coloring pages!

Alphabet Food and Snacks

These foods are a fun way to incorporate letters into any Alphabet Activity Day! You could serve them the way they are, and make a game of finding the letter you're focusing on. Or you could be all OCD like me, and actually separate out all the As, Bs, and Cs, etc., put them in little baggies and only serve one letter at a time, to help strengthen recognition.

Alphabet Activities Letter A
Alphabet Activities Letter A

Alphabet Activities Binder

Alphabet Activities Binder Letter A
Alphabet Activities Binder Letter A

To help keep all of our projects and worksheets together in one place, I purchased a binder to put everything in, separated by letter.

This is my daughter pasting a construction paper A onto the A page of dividers. We did this first, and then added our projects as the day went on.

Letter A: Apple Slices

Letter A Apple Slices
Letter A Apple Slices

As a fun way to add some fruit to breakfast, I sliced some apples and used my cookie cutter to punch out some As.

Cut slices from the sides of the apple, avoiding the core with its seeds. The slices should be a little thin, to get the cutter through easily, but thick enough that they don't break. At least a quarter of an inch thick.

Letter Sorting: A is for Apple Trees

Letter A Sorting Apple Trees
Letter A Sorting Apple Trees

To make a sorting game, I printed capital and lowercase letter As onto a sheet of red construction paper and cut them out in a rounded shape that vaguely resembled apples.

The day before we studied letter A, I cut out 2 tree shapes and glued them onto a piece of white construction paper. Then I glued one capital A apple onto the left tree and one lowercase A apple onto the right one.

I had my daughter pick out the "apples" from a pile and decide which "apple tree" they belonged upon, explaining that capital As were on one and lowercase on the other.

We put drops of white glue on the trees for each apple. She did the first couple drops of glue, but then wanted me to do the rest, so I had her point to where she wanted it. Then she stuck on the apples.

Once dry, we punched holes in the paper with my three-hole-punch and added it to the binder.

Construction Paper - As you can see, we use a lot of this.

A Words to Encourage Your Little One







Letter A: American Flag

Letter A American Flag
Letter A American Flag

The next activity we did to celebrate the letter A was an American Flag. If you'd like to do more flags, you could also do one for Australia, Austria, Argentina, Algeria, Alabama and Alaska, too!

I had cut out the red stripes, blue rectangle, and white stars ahead of time. We used glue sticks for this one, attaching the stripes first and then the blue paper. Next, we both drew a thick layer of glue with the glue sticks over the blue paper and my daughter stuck on the stars one-by-one.

I helped a little, once my daughter had placed the shapes where she wanted them, so that the pieces were mostly on top of the white background page, which I had cut to be 8.5" by 11". Again, once dry, this was added to the binder, too.

Star Punch - What I used to save myself the trouble of hand-cutting stars.

Gummy As

Gummy As
Gummy As

Letter A: Acorns

Letter A Acorns
Letter A Acorns

These were sooooo cute and yummy! ... okay, okay, my daughter was a little too excited by the platter of chocolate cookies and candy in front of her to focus on building the acorns, so I did most of the work, but it still provided us with an opportunity to discuss the letter A when Daddy arrived home and we showed him our chocolate acorns! :)

(Scroll down for directions.)

Letter A: Making Chocolate Acorns

Letter A Chocolate Acorns
Letter A Chocolate Acorns

We used three ingredients to make these. Hershey's chocolate kisses for the bottom, mini Fudge Stripe cookies for the top, and a miniature chocolate chip for the stem.

We used melted chocolate chips to attach everything. I squeezed some melted chocolate from a plastic baggie onto an upside down cookie. Then my daughter placed a kiss on top.

Next, I squeezed a bit more chocolate into the hole on top of the cookie, and we dropped in a miniature chocolate chip to represent the stem.

Letter A: Chalk Tracing

Letter A Chalk Tracing
Letter A Chalk Tracing

My daughter loves playing outside. So we spent some time outdoors, doodling with chalk. And since it was Letter A Day, I drew some large capital and lowercase As, and let her trace them and color them in.

Letter A Collage

Letter A Collage
Letter A Collage

I took old magazines (like All You, Women's World - including some my mom had been hanging onto since the '90s - and the IKEA catalog) and cut out objects that started with all letters of the alphabet. I put the pictures for each letter in a different envelope and pulled out the An envelope for A Day.

While I was clipping pictures ahead of time, I let my daughter use a pair of kid scissors to practice cutting. If you're children are older, then they can cut out their own pictures, if you prefer.

I provided a glue stick and paper to attach everything to, and let my daughter place the pictures where ever she wanted while we discussed what they were.

Our A objects included apples, apple pie, angel, arrow, airplanes, artichokes, almonds, accordions, animals, and, of course, American flag.

Cookie As

Cookie As
Cookie As

Letter A: Apple Pies

Letter A Apple Pies
Letter A Apple Pies

I love making these cute, little pies. They're great for Letter A Day, especially because it's so easy for my daughter to help make them!

(Scroll down for directions.)

Letter A: Making Mini Apple Pies

Letter A Mini Apple Pies
Letter A Mini Apple Pies

I didn't add a recipe, because we didn't make anything from scratch. You could always use your favorite recipe for pie crust and filling, but I was trying to balance teaching the two-and-a-half-year-old with entertaining the eight-month-old. Didn't have time for scratch.

Anyway, we unrolled a refrigerated pie crust, and cut out little pie crusts with a flower-shaped cookie cutter. Then we placed the mini crusts in a cupcake tin that had been coated in non-stick spray.

Next we emptied a can of apple pie filling into a bowl, and I used my kitchen shears to cut the slices into smaller pieces. This isn't necessary, but makes it a little easier to scoop the filling into the cupcake tins. Add a rounded tablespoon or two.

Then I sprinkled the pies with a cinnamon and sugar mixture. You can buy this premade, but I've always made my own. I never measure because my mom never did. I'd guess it's about one part cinnamon to about 4 parts sugar.

Then bake them according to the pie crust directions, but a few minutes less because they're small. If you need help getting them out of the pan, try using a plastic spoon to avoid scratching the pan.

Let cool slightly. Enjoy!

Letter A Printables: Worksheets, Coloring Pages and Handwriting Practice

Letter A Printables
Letter A Printables

I printed out plenty of coloring pages and worksheets to keep us busy. My daughter may be a little young for handwriting practice, but she enjoys it. Probably because she enjoys doing whatever I'm doing. Either way, I held her hand steady to let her trace the letters on the handwriting practice sheets, and we discussed the Letter A while she was coloring all the pages. Then she reviewed them again when Daddy got home and she showed him her masterpieces. :)

Listed below are links to free printables.

Videos for the Letter A

Which Was Your Favorite Activity?

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Leave a Note! - Let us know what you think! What kinds of activities have you done with your children?

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    • iijuan12 profile image


      4 years ago from Florida

      Great list! We'll have to try some of these on our preschool day!


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