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who should be your good life partner?

Updated on July 18, 2014

How should be your life partner?

It is very hard task to select a good life partner. Marriage is not a think like playing with childrens toys. Definitely it is to much scientific and analytic in selecting your life partner. If someone make a wrong in this matter whole life he or she may fall into an unhappy situation. Your life partner should have the following traits,

1.Life partner should be psychologically and physically match with you.

2. Both of you should be in same and similar thinker about the social facts.

3. Deviation of thinking between yourselves will make complexity in life. Hence, thinking deviation should not be enough.

4. Give priority knowledge than money.

5. Take a consideration about your next generation. Because fathers and mothers information will transmit into next generation.

6. Select courageous people because they do not leave friends in crisis.

6. Select a broad minded people.


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